Apprentices' Den

Here, the apprentices can post what's going on in training and life.


  1. That night, Hazelpaw, Windpaw, and Waterpaw sat in the apprentice's den, waiting to fall asleep. When they looked around and saw that none of them could, they started to chat.
    "Well, it was an exhausting trip when we went down to the training hollow. We practically fought all day. Jeez, Rainwater sure is a tough mentor," Waterpaw sighed.

  2. (Jeez, I'm bored. Hmm, I need an apprentice.)

  3. "HAZELPAW GET OUT HERE NOW!" Roared Ravenpelt, charging to the apprentice's den.
    "Ugh. Ravenpelt. Already?" Hazelpaw complained to Windpaw. "She's always up and about before sunrise."
    "That's Ravenpelt." Sighed Windpaw, going back to sleep. "Lucky Spottedstar doesn't make me wake early." Joked Windpaw. Hazelpaw rolled her eyes as she made her way, yawning, to Ravenpelt, who was sitting next to Thunderstrike chatting.
    "What do you forever?" She snarled.
    Hazelpaw shrugged. "I don't know, but it's morning before sunrise and it's NOT hard to wake up." She said sarcastically.
    "Come on- we're goign hunting practice with Thunderstrike." Ravenpelt said.

  4. "Hey, Windpaw!" I called to my apprentice. "Time to go out to the moors to train! Hazelpaw and Waterpaw are already up, we gotta go!"
    "Sure." Windpaw stepped out of the apprentice's den groggily. "Let's go."

  5. "Mind if I tag along?" Ashstripes asked, falling into step with Spottedstar.
    "Ofcourse you can!" Spottedstar purred.
    Windpaw pretended to throw up. He was appauld that this new tom had just come in a woooed his leader. It was alittke weird.
    "So, I was thinking, I could help you teach him. I have a few moves that can really help in battle. I could teach you too if you like." Ashstripes suggested.
    "I would love that." Spottedstar replied. She was feeling bold and licked his cheek. Ashstripes blushed vuriously.
    Windpaw butted in. "I wanna learn." He said.


  6. Ravenpelt/DawnflightJanuary 16, 2012 at 6:37 PM

    Spottedstar glared at her apprentice for interrupting the magical moment with Ashstripes.


  7. "Why dont you go help Foxtalon find some moss?" Spottedstar hissed quietly to Waterpaw.
    He sighed. "Can you teach me later?"
    Ashstripes nodded and the excited apprentice hurried away.
    "So what do you like about this place?" Spottedstar asked.
    "The fact that your here." Ashstripes said in his quirky yet cute way. "Wait.... Did i say that out loud?"
    Spottedstar laughed and rested her head on his shoulder.
    "I also like at its small and you get to know every cat. And that my brother is here helps me re-connect with a past i shoukd have had." Ashstripes said.
    Spottedstar sighed. "I wish it were alittke bigger. We have had some tough times recently."


  8. Ashstripes and Spottedstar stayed out of camp until Moon-High.
    "You ready to go back?" He asked.
    Spottedstar nodded.
    "Shall I walk you home?" Ashstripes asked politely.
    "Ofcourse." Spottedstar giggled.
    The two cats walked home laughing and talking like they were young kits.
    They stopped at the entrance to Spottedstar's den.
    "Good night." Ashstripes said.
    "What a gentletom! (LOL AWESOME!)" Spottedstar pressed into Ashstripes and licked his ears.
    Ashstripes licked her head and then pulled away.
    "Good night my love." Spottedstar muttered so Ashstripes couldnt hear.
    He gave her one last wink before turning the corner to his den.
    When she wasnt looking, he stood and reflected on his day. He thought about her and how fun, smart, and pretty she was.
    'Oh Spottedstar..' He thought.


  9. (Aww... you're so nice! And yes, gentletom is NINJA FREAKIN' AWESOME!)

    I wanted to go in after Ashstripes and tell him I truly loved him. He was so nice, funny, and sweet. I wished I had the courage to tell him how I felt.

  10. Once Ashstripes was sure everyone was asleep, he snuck out of camp. He was determind to find a beautiful flower from Spottedstar. He found one pink blossom. He tugged on it and it immideatley fekt himself being watched.
    He turned and saw Spottedstar.
    "I heard you leave." She said looking extremely tired.
    "I... i couldnt sleep." He meowed. He tucked the flower behind his back to hide it.
    "Ok. Wanna share my nest? I know its hot in the warriors den." Spottedstar said.
    Ashstripes nodded.


  11. Moonpaw wandered around a dark forest, shivering with fear.
    "Moonpaw...." A voice murmured. "You must join. We are kin."
    "No!" she yelled, running away. "I do not wish to fight! I want to serve my Clan as a medicine cat!" She ran to a bright clearing and calmness seeped through her bones. She sank to the ground in exaustion and closed her eyes.
    When she woke up, she was in her nest, but her scent was different. She ran into camp and urgently called for a meeting with Spottedstar.
    "I want to be a medicine cat. I can no longer fight and hurt others, so now I wish to serve the Clan by healing. StarClan, I think, sent me a dream last night. I was running through a forest and a voice kept on telling me to fight. I ran away and them i woke up. I want to be a medicine cat."
    "If that is what you want then sure," Spottedstar replied. "I hope you know what you are doing. You can never take a mate, and you can never turn back."
    "I know," Moonpaw replied. "This is the path StarClan set down for me, so I must accept it."

  12. Spottedstar smiled. "Good. Badgerstripe will be so pleased."
    Moonpaw grinned from ear to ear. "Yes!" She squealed jumping up and down.


  13. (She's kin of BOTH Hawkfrost and Brokenstar. That was the dream.)

  14. (WEIRD!!!)
    Moonpaw was finally happy for the first time in her life. She would become the greatest medicine cat BreezeClan had ever had.
    Badgerstripe spent the day covering the basics.
    "What about death berries?" Moonpaw asked.
    Badgerstripe stiffened. "I dont want to hear you ask me about that again. Thats what killed my mother. Its a curse and I will never teach you of it." He snarled.
    Moonpaw wasnt shaken. "Why not?"
    "Its not sometging a gifted medicine cat needs." Badgerstripe hissed.


  15. (lol anyone else want to start a new story??? unless you guys somethin in mind for this one.i mean, like i said a million times before, i just go with what you guys post. lol im just wonderin cuz noones really posted here. and this story seems kinda boring. :/ just sayin. lol)

  16. Spottedstar stood up in her nest. She felt nauseous. She raced out of the den quickly.
    Ashstripes hurried after her. "Spottedstar? Something wrong?" He asked.
    "No... Maybe I should see Badgerstripe." She said.
    "I'm coming too." Ashstripes said.
    He assisted Spottedstar into Badgerstripe's medicine den.
    "Lay down on that moss over there." Moonpaw demanded.
    Spottedstar gently layed down and let her head rest on a pillow of feathers.
    Badgerstripe felt her belly and poked in a few places.
    "I think you are expecting kits. The first this season." Moonpaw meowed happily.
    Ashstripes let out a huge smile. He was going to be a father.

  17. (It's GREAT!!!! I'm SO excited to be a mom! Yay!)

    I felt a jolt of pure joy run up and down my spin.
    "Are... are you serioud?" I asked in disbelief.
    "And I would lie because...." Badgerstripe replied dryly.
    "Ooh," Moonpaw squealed, "You lucky she-cat! Who's going to take over when you move into the nursery?"
    "Well, Rainwater for sure," I answered instandly, "And... umm.... I think Thunderstrike should stand in for deputy."

  18. Ashstripes looked too happy to contain himself.
    "Oh Spotsy! I cant believe it!" He said happily.
    Spottedstar licked her stomach. SHE was going to be a mom!!!
    "Ash, could I have a word with her alone for a minute?" Badgerstripe asked.
    "Ofcourse!" Ashstripes bounced out of the den.
    "You've made him really happy." Badgerstripe said with a grin.
    Spottedstar felt her ears grow hot. "Thanks." She managed to say.


  19. "I know you dont trust him. You dont need to pretend you do." Spottedstar stared Badgerstripe head on.
    Badgerstripe sighed. "Good."
    Moonpaw rolled her eyes. "He will be a great dad. You gotta admit it."
    Spottedstar mouthed a thank you to Moonpaw.


  20. *This was an idea Aquamist and I had. Badgerstripe actually loves Spottedstar but would never admit it. ASHSTRIPES AND SPOTTEDSTAR WILL OBVIOUSLY END UP TOGETHER!!!*
    Badgerstripe was too ashamed to speak up. He had an un-dieing love for Spottedstar. That was why he despised Ashstripes.
    "Badge?" Spottedstar asked.
    'Badge.... Why does that sound perfect coming from you??' Badgerstripe thought.
    "Why dont you go find Ashstripes and take a rest." Badgerstripe suggested.
    Once Spottedstar was gone, Moonpaw felt a longing coming from Badgerstripe.
    "What do you love about her?" Moonpaw asked.
    "What?!" Badgerstripe snarled.
    "I know you love Spottedstar." Moonpaw continued.
    Badgerstripe stared at his paws. "Dont tell. Please. I only want to love her in secret."
    Moonpaw stared out the medicine den. "I know it's hard for you."
    Just then, a snarling came from the camp entrance. Badger cries.
    "BADGERS!!" Rainwater wailed.
    Purewhisker led the kits into the highest den.
    Ashstripes jumped on the back of a badger. He ripped at its fur and tore at its skin.
    One badger was fighting Spottedstar. She was managing, but one came up behind her she couldn't reach.
    "NO!" Badgerstripe howled as he shoved Spottedstar out of the way. The badger tore at his face.
    The badgers must have gotten scared and fled because they just sort of left.
    Spottedstar, Moonpaw, Thunderstrike, and Ashstripes gathered around Badgerstripe.
    "Badgerstripe??" Ashstripes asked, prodding the senior medicine cat's throbbing facial wounds.
    "Why did you do this to yourself? I could have managed." Spottedstar said blankly.
    "Because I couldn't let you die..." Badgerstripe moaned.
    Spottedstar looked confused.
    "Why just her?" Thunderstrike asked.
    "Because I love her." Badgerstripe murmured.
    Ashstripes fur stood straight up. He felt a welling anger inside of him.
    "All I'm asking, is that you give me a chance.." Badgerstripe asked Spottedstar.
    "OH HEY HELLO!!! MY NAME IS ASHSTRIPES! SPOTTEDSTAR'S MATE!!! AND THE FATHER OF HER KITS!! I'M GONNA GO SIT IN OUR DEN!" Ashstripes spat extremely ticked off. He spun on his heels and stomped off to their den.
    Spottedstar watched him walk away. "I better go calm him down."
    Moonpaw tended to Badgerstripe torn eye. Badgerstripe's heart was broken.

    Spottedstar hurried to her den to see Ashstripes nervously pacing.
    "Oh thank StarClan." Ashstripes meowed.
    "Why?" Spottedstar asked, sitting down where the pelts touched.
    "I thought you might choose him." Ashstripes murmured.
    He wrapped his tail around her and licked the top of her head.
    "Never." Spottedstar vowed.


  21. You would always pick Ashstripes right?? He would be sad if you didnt


  22. Why,hello. This is a random comment.


  23. Badgerstripe was torn. He loved Spottedstar, and she didn't return his love.
    'That stupid Ashstripes,' Badgerstripe thought angrily as he sorted some herbs absently. 'I loved her first, ever since she dumped that good-for-nothing Stormheart.' He was so furious, he tore up some of the marigold he had been sorting.
    "Argh," he hissed under his breath. The precious leaves crumbled in his claws. "I'll have to get some more. Moonpaw!" he called. "I'm leaving to get some more marigold, we're running low." Badgerstripe stalked swiftly out of camp, ignoring the stares he got from his Clanmates. As he neared the ravine where the marigold was thickest, he stared down into the depths of the small canyon. It was deep, dark, and hopeless. A bit like himself. Suddenly, a thought hit him square in the chest: jump. It took every ounce of willpower not to leap into the ravine and leave BreezeClan behind. He swallowed and stepped back. The marigold was the last thing on his mind. Badgerstripe sat down on the grass, debating his choices. Jump; leave the Clan forever and watch Spottedstar from StarClan. Stay; be with Spottedstar, but not as he'd like to be. Weighing his options, he decided door number one was better. He stood up, and another cat flashed in his mind: Moonpaw. He cared for the spunky apprentice like his own kit. But she... needed to stay. He would cross that bridge when the time came. Leaving her behind would be better than being tortured by Ashstripes and Spottedstar together. Badgerstripe walked forward. As he neared the edge, he whispered, "Goodbye, Spottedstar. I love you." He closed his eyes and stepped again.

  24. I was worried about Badgerstripe. He was my closest friend. He was like a brother to me. Moonpaw told me he had left camp to get marigold, but sorrow flashed in her eyes like lightning. I followed his scent to the ravine, and saw him walking forward at the edge with his eyes closed. I stared at him for a heartbeat, puzzled, then suddenly it hit me. I drew in a painful breath.
    "No," I whispered. I raced toward the hill, my heart beating faster than the speed of sound.
    "NO!!!" I screamed as he jumped. I skidded to a halt at the cliff. "No...." I wailed. "Why, Badgerstripe, why? Why?" I heard a sickening thud as his body hit the bottom. "WHY?!?" I screamed. "WHY?!?" I fell to the ground, weeping. Suddenly a familiar scent came to my nose. Ashstripes.
    "Spotsy?" he murmured.
    "Ash," I whispered, falling into his fur. "He's dead. Badgerstripe is dead."

  25. I'm seriously crying my eyes out now. WHY, BADGERSTRIPE, WHY?!?

  26. Ashstripes ears fell. He knew what had happened.
    "I did this." Ashstripes murmured.
    Spottedstar looked at him hard. "How?"
    "He never liked us together. He felt like I was stealing what was his. I never knew he felt like that but if I did, maybe we could have been friends." Ashstripes said flatly.
    Spottedstar stared at Badgerstripe's mangled body.
    "Ash..... He was never.... normal. He was always antisocial and alone. He lit fire to the flower grove. He was always.... different." Spottedstar finished.
    "What's even weirder was he was old enough to be your father." Ashstripes meowed.


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