Ravenpelt's Self-Story

Ravenpelt has requested a self-story of her own. I was unsure on whether to decline or agree, so I just made this page. I'm not really sure what's gonna happen, so, Ravenpelt, you just take it from here. ; )


  1. LOL thanks so much Spottedstar! You rock!!

    My heart was swelling. I was so much in love with him, I couldn't take it. I wanted to throw myself into the clearing and burst out to him the truth. The REAL truth.

    The truth that my name isn't JUST Ravenpelt. The truth about my past, my history. The truth about how much I love him and want him. The truth about who I really am, and then truth that I'm a threat to the clan.

    I have to hide everything, from everone. No trust. No weakness. No giving in.

    To no one, but probably MAYBE him. The cat I love. Whom I've admired when I was young. And still now. And forever. Thornclaw.

    I watched him flirt with the other she-cats and hatred and jealousy grew inside me. I pushed it down. Breath. I thought. Don't let it happen again. I saw him jog over to the fresh kill pile and head towards the warrior den. I shuffled my paws and tried to look as beautiful as I could My purple eyes were always the source of attraction within me. He entered.

    "Ravenpelt!! What are you doing on a fine sunny, afternoon like this?? You should come join us? The she-cats and I are going hunting!" Thornclaw gave me a wide smile.
    This was why I loved him. this was why ALL the she-cats in the clan loved him. Wanted him. Desired him. His out-going personality, funny-attitude, and handsome. Oh yes, he was handsome. He always referred his "love group" as the she-cats. Never Windpelt and Streameyes, just the she-cats. I tried to smile and talk, but no words came out.
    Thornclaw paused. "I don't know what's up, but you can't stay cooped up in here FOREVER." He joked, his eyes dancing. I immediately felt lifted. But I didn't say anything.
    "it's okay. You guys head out." I barely murmured. "I've got to do some patrolling later with friends." I finished.
    "Alright then, see you later!" Thornclaw said and went away.

    You see, my other name is Darkwing. I grew up as an ally cat in Detroit, with monsters running everywhere. The Twolegs that found me, they treated me ad. Threw rocks at me. Hit me. And then the temper grew. My Dark temper. Yes, it's also where I've killed five other cats, and injured several two-legs.

    You see, when I'm in a normal, calm state, I'm Ravenpelt. I'm beautiful black, sleek, calm, loving, and graceful Ravenpelt. The Ravenpelt who loves Thornclaw with all her heart.

    When the temper kicks in, I'm Darkwing. And you DO NOT want to see me when I'm Darkwing.

  2. (Hehe. I know. ; ) Really, all my friends say that.)

  3. (Wait.... Are you copying Deathwing on HiddenClan?!?!? If so, that's fine. ; ) So, I really like your story. It's epic.)

  4. Wait wait wait wait. There's a Deathwing on hiddenclan??? LOL HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I don't even know half the cats over there!! I haven't even read her story?? I just made this one up... am I copying her????!!!! I don't want too!!! Oh no!!!!!

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    I've had Deathwing on the first Hiddenclan site since November! Lol, that's funny. ;) Don't worry, it's fine. I don't care. OR DO I?

  6. I really don't care. Seriously, use the name for all I care. Actually don't, I like the name Deathwing. Yeah, Darkwing's pretty similar, but not the same. ; ) Go ahead! Post!
    Really. I'm an impatient person, I'm always cheaking my email to see if my friends sent anything. Hehe.

  7. LOL awesome story so far, wavey!! B)

  8. Thanks Thunder and Spotsy! :)

    I watched Thornclaw come back from hunting with the she-cats and again felt Darkwing seeping in through me. I pushed it back and galloped towards him.
    "Hey Thornclaw!" I called to him, making him watch my luring purple eyes.

  9. "Want to patrol?" I asked him.
    "Sorry Ravenpelt- Windpelt asked me to hang out with her this afternoon." He said.
    'Of course.' I thought bitterly. Sweet Windpelt always wrapping her paws around Thornclaw.
    "That's okay." I said. "I'll go hunting alone."
    As I trotted outside of camp, I tried to push away the fury building inside me. I sensed a mouse and easily caught it. I stared at it and fury overwhelmed. How DARE Windpelt just take Thornclaw away??? I deserved a chance!!! How dare Thornclaw just turn me away like that- how dare the clan just treat me as if I'm nothing!!
    I clawed at the mouse as Darkwing kicked in, and in a matter of moments, the mouse was nothing but bits of bones. I growled, my purple eyes turning dark blue as I prowled around. Suddenly, there was a twig crackle and I snapped around, hissing.
    Shadeclan. Patrol.
    "Well... well... well... looks like Ravenpelt here is having a hard time hunting." Chuckled Riverpelt, laughing as he and his other 2 cats stepped on the Breezeclan border.
    "Get out." I hissed, a low warning voice in my Darkwing tone. "Or you WILL. REGRET IT."
    Riverpelt laughed. "Are you kidding me?"

    In 2 seconds, all 3 cats were dead.

  10. Darkwing panted, blood dripping from her muzzle and her blue eyes blazing with a murderous look.
    "That's right, Riverpelt." She snarled, not at all a feminine voice. "Fear me!"

    Then, she began to shrink, back into Ravenpelt. She blinked, her beautiful purple eyes staring at the 3 dead cats.
    'Oh no!' She thought, guilt spreading into her. 'What have I done???!!!!'

    "Ravenpelt!! Did you hear the news????" Asked Thornclaw, charging into camp. She shook her head gingerly.
    "3 Shadeclan cats were found dead on our border. Spottedstar thinks a rouge killed them." He sat down close to her so their pelts were brushing and he blinked. "Do you have any idea who would do such a thing??"
    Ravenpelt found herself drowning in grief. She leaned into him and found herself licking him unhesitatingly, and he responded with equal affection.
    "I like you. A lot." He admitted. 'Especially your purple eyes." He added.
    Ravenpelt smiled, as she curled her tail around his. "I'm sure whoever killed the cats mean no harm."
    'I don't mean any harm- i don't!' she thought.

  11. (I doubt I was leader during that time.)


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  14. Sorry, just getting impatient for you to start. Sorry, Raven. I totally overreacted.

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  16. Well I'm REALLLLLLY busy sometimes and just don't have to time to visit all 8 BLOGS and post on ALL OF THEM so Spotsy got impatient but it's all good now...

    ^.^ I know Spotsy, I got impatient over Rainwater's self story 2. I'm on me itouch right noe so might be spell errors got it? ;)

    I woke. She-cats next to me were drooling over Thornclaw. I sighed. I closed my eyes and flashed back to the moment I was darkwing- it felt like forever since I was her. And then she finally popped up. At the wrong time. And it made me kill 3 cats. I sighed, my heart pumping wildly. Why was I given this curse? I was just so bitter and angry all the time and I wanted to strangle someone! (footnote: the line Spotsy said)

    I went outside and saw Thornclaw yawning.
    "hey beautiful eyes" he called me and I blushed instantly. Did he know I was Darkwing? He went over to me and rubbed all over me giving me this prickly sensation of love crawling all over me.
    "why the sudden change of behavior?" I teased, giving him a quick lick. He shrugged and smiled cooly.
    "want to go hunting?"

    See this is what I loved about him- the way he changes and the way he keeps his secrets. One day he'll love Windwhateverhernameis, the next day he'll act as if I'm his girl- those were the days I loved, but I can't help wondering if he was a cheater and just liked the attention.

    That evening I went out on a patrol with Stormwhsiker, thornclaw, clawface, and blackehisker. All toms... And I the only she cat. Thornclaw again acted all lovey dovey with me and I loved it, but I noticed Stormwhisker sent is disapproving glances and wondered why.

  17. Ooh, is Thornclaw like one of those icky jock guys that can't keep a comitment?

  18. LOL Sorta!

    Stormwhisker pulled me aside.
    "Do you know who killed the three cats?" He asked urgently.
    I shuffled my paws once again.
    "NO, I don't. Why does everyone keep asking me??!!" I cried, bitter lies in my tongue.
    "Because I scented you there." Stormwhisker said, distrust in his eyes.
    "I know that he has a good sence of smell, but is it really THAT good?" I thought. I saw Thornclaw beckon to me and I had to go to him.
    "I'm sorry." I said quietly to Sotmrwhisker. "You've go the wrong cat."

  19. My friend saw the movie Cyber Bullies. Sorry, random, but in that movie, the jock guy that the girl falls in love with first is kinda like Thornclaw. He's got girls falling over themselves to be noticed, but one day he'll be like, Oh, Tiffany, you're so pretty and I love you. Wanna see a movie on Friday? Then the next day he'll be flirting with someone else and he'll dump Tiffany for Sarah! Then Tiffany will cry, and Sarah will be smug, then the cycle starts over again. So yeah.

  20. Was that movie good?? Or sad? I cant take sad.


  21. I never saw it, but the ending was, I quote, 'Very shocking.' My friend said it was kinda depressing how mean some people were to the girl. I kinda wanna see it, but my friend sais that some of the things people said was REALLY, REALLY, mean and disrespectful, and a little inappropriate.

    1. It looked to sad for me to watch


  22. It (according to my friend) is kinda depressing.