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Here cats can post their backgrounds and pasts.


  1. "Spottedpaw, I'll race you to the fresh-kill pile!" Rainpaw laughed. Her and her best friend Spottedpaw pelted to the fresh-kill pile. Being the fast she-cat she was, Rainpaw made it there first and grabbed the juiciest squirrel she could find.
    Spottedpaw sighed and grabbed a rabbit as they went over to eat. Spottedpaw noticed Rainpaw couldn't stop looking at Riverpaw.
    "Ooh, someone's got a crush on Riverpaw," Spottedpaw laughed, nudging her friend.
    "I do not! Ok, maybe a little," Rainpaw admitted.
    "Or a lot," Spottedpaw giggled.
    "Shut up! He can hear you," Rainpaw whispered, before bursting into laughter.
    -Rainwater(sort've my self story)

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  4. The two best friends were about to get up when Riverpaw walked over to them.
    "Hi Rainpaw! You, uh, want to go for a walk?" Riverpaw asked politely. Rainpaw giggled and whispered something to Spottedpaw too low for Riverpaw to hear. She nodded and Rainpaw went up to Riverpaw.
    "Sure!" she exclaimed. Riverpaw grinned, and they walked off together with his tail lightly wrapped around her. Spottedpaw smiled, the two were perfect together.
    -Rainwater(u can post too, i dont mind!)

  5. (yayz, i get boooooored. lol idk what cat i wanna be!! hmm............................... idk. i thin of it laterz.. lol)

  6. yay! Thanks Rainwater... I'll do small posts since this is your story.

    Hazelbranch (making this up completely) watched her apprentice go off with Riverpaw. 'Young love.' She thought, shaking her head. She would do intense training on her this afternoon.

  7. While they were out in the forest, Riverpaw and Rainpaw discussed about everything you could think of. From how the way two-legs get into monsters and drive off, to how Murkypaw always snores in her sleep. All of a sudden, two young warriors came out of the shadows. They smelled of Shadeclan. "I'm Darkclaw, and this is my colleage Sandddune. You smell of Breezeclan. Apprentices, I assume?" Darkclaw asked cooly and calmly.
    "Yes, but we should really get going. I think my mentor is calling me!" Rainpaw lied, getting ready to take off. Darkclaw tripped her with his tail, "Stay where you are." "Get off her!" Riverpaw yowled, pouncing on Darkclaw. Darkclaw easily threw him off then grabbed Rainpaw.
    "Join us Riverpaw, you have strong determination and we would love to have you join us," Darkclaw persuaded with his toothy grin. Rainpaw's cries were muffled by his tail. "If I do, will you set her free?" Riverpaw asked. Darkclaw nodded evily. "I'm sorry Rainpaw, I have no choice. Now go, set her free," he said. Darkclaw cackled and released Rainpaw, but only to have her spin around. Riverpaw, Sanddune, and Darkclaw were already walking away.
    "Riverpaw! Please, dont go, I-I love you!" Rainpaw cried, trying to change Riverpaw's mind. Riverpaw glanced back at her sadly, knowing he couldn't spend his life happily with the she-cat he loved dearly.

    1. Awwwww.... sadness :( :( :( Broken heart! </3 THAT'S why on the warriors den... ahhh I c

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    Sorry, but it's the cold, cold, COLD truth.

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  11. Ash raced through Twolegplace. He was being chased by his ex-clanmates.
    "Traitor! We will catch you!" Ben called.
    Ash ran faster. He wasw panting. If they caught him, he would be dead.
    He hid in a crevace for one minute to catch his breath. A ginger she-cat stopped and stood next to him.
    "Sam get out of here. They will catch you." He whispered.
    "No, Ash. I love you." The ginger cat licked his cheek.
    "No. I dont love you. You're expecting my deceased brother's kits! Bear would be angry." Ash ran out of the crevace.
    Sam followed.
    He climbed the nearesy tree ajd watched her scream his name.
    That wasnt the truth though.

    -Ashstripes' Self-Story

  12. (Thanks! I thought you all cud help me write it....)

    Ash saw Ben, Quirky, Cole, and Pursy looking for him.
    "Sam!" Ben hissed.
    "Oh no.." Sam sighed.
    She hung her head and let them circle her.
    "Youre supposed to be back mourning for Bear. You are exoecting his kits.." Quirky said.
    Ash spat at his brother's name. His saliva landed on Pursy's ear.
    "EWWWWW!! That tree spit on me!!" Pursy panicked.
    Ben looked up. He snarled at Ash.
    "Get him!" Cole yowled.
    Ash leaped down from the tree and fell right on Sam. He quickly stood up. She helped herself up and licked Ash repeatedly.
    "Quit you!" Ash spat and pulled away.
    She forced herself on top of him and licked him again. He was so fed up with her betrayal to her brother, even if he had killed Bear. He slid out his claws and dug into her face.
    She wailed and he immideatley apologized.
    "Kill him." Bem ordered.
    Ash took off. He hurried as fast as he could away from those crazy cats.


  13. (I'm gonna start my own self-story. I think I should have a young love who dumped me and he looked like Ashstripes or something. I'll think about it as I go along.)

    towards the end of the coldest leaf-bare any cat could remeber, a pretty she-cat called Crestmoon moved to the nursery expecting her mate Waterfrost's kits. After two moons of waiting, she delivered three kits, two healthy and one sickly.
    "She'll die," the medcine cat, Redfire, told her. "She doesn't have enough strength to live." But Crestmoon was furiously protective of her kits, and the three kits survived for the remaining moon in leaf-bare. Crestmoon's mate had been away on a journey, and she had refused to name them without him. The day he got back, Waterfrodt raced into the nursery and covered his family with licks.
    "What are their names?" he asked Crestmoon.
    "I was waiting for you," she replied. Together they named the kits. The two healthy ones had already opened their eyes they named Silverkit, a gray she-kit, and Flamekit, a orange tabby tom. The weakest one hadn't opened her eyes, and she was as delicate as a snowflake. They named her Spottedkit, for her pretty orange and gray spotted coat. As the moons passed Spottedkit grew stronger, but she was still the runt of the litter. Her littermates were stronger, faster, and overall more favored by their father. Spottedkit didn't know it, but her father thought she would die soon, so he was scared to love her.

    (Will finish this later.)

  14. "Wait for me!" Spottedkit yowled as Silverkit and Flamekit rushed out of the nursery. "Wait for me," she called, "I wanna play too! Wait for me!"
    "Not on your life, weakling!" Flamekit yelled.
    "Yeah!" Silverkit snickered. "Like we'd EVER want little Spottedkit to play. You'll get hurt ina heartbeat and cry!"
    "HEY!" Spottedkit defended herself. "I only cried ONCE, and that was cause you bit me! I can keep up now! Just because I was born last. . . " She stopped. Her sibilings had raced off leaving her in the dust.
    "But I CAN keep up," she whispered. "I just wish you guys would give me chance." She walked to the nursery, tail dropping, and sat down. She hauled herself to the shadowy corner and began playing with some moss. After a long time, Flamekit and Silverkit came back. Spottedkit had engaged herself in a serious competitons with the moss.
    "I can do this!' She whispered. She gave a fierce tug on the moss and she sat up, yowled with glee, and ran outside. Flamekit and Silverkit exchanged a look.
    "She's crazy," Silverkit sneered.
    "Utterly mad," Flamekit agreed snidely.

    outside, Spottedkit was looking for more moss. She collected a lot, and brought it back to the nursery. She piled it up, and it reached her haunches. She began to play her game again. Silverkit and Flamekit were great at leaving other out, but the two hated being left out of anything, no matter how small.
    "Hey, Spottedkit!" Silverkit greeted her sister warmly.
    "Wazzup, Spottedkit?" Flamekit asked in equal tone to his sister. Spottedkit glanced up.
    "Oh, hi guys," she said in a rush. "I'm busy right now. I'm playing my game, and I would prefer it better if you guys came later."
    It couldn't more obvious that she was excluding them.
    "Hey, can we play?" Silverkit asked.
    "Yeah," Flamekit added.
    "No, it's one player. I also made it up, so that makes it way more secret. Go away now, please."
    "CAN WE PLEASE PLAY?" her littermates squealed. "No." Spottedkit replied. Flamekit and Silverkit stalked off, growling with jealousy. Spottedkit was left alone by her family until she became an apprentice. She was often found in the nursery, fiddling with her moss and muttering under her breath. When she became an apprentice she was as strong and healthy as any other cat her age. Her mentor was a tom named Gustheart, and he taught her well. By the time she was a warrior, Spottedfire resented her family. Her littermates were much more favored by both their parents, and they constantly mocked her about it. In another cold leaf-bare, her sister Silverflare died of greencough. Waterfrost grieved until green-leaf. The next leaf-bare, Flamestream fell in to a river and froze. Waterfrost grieved until leaf-fall. The only daughter he had left was Spottedfire, and he had never taken the time to love her. Crestmoon was hit by a horse and died the next new-leaf, and Waterfrost avoided Spottedfire even more. Spottedfire rose in ranks to become head warrior and the leader, Leafstar's, friend. The deputy Rowanheart was getting older. Leafstar decided to make Spottedfire the deputy when the time came. And came it did. Rowanheart died in a badger attack. Spottedstar was made deputy and her father felt terrible. He had ignored his daughter for all his life, and now. . . she was the only remaining member of his family. He still didn't talk to her with her, and that suited Spottedfire just fine. When she had been deputy for a while she began to take an interest in Stormheart, a handsome gray tom. He liked and respected her, but not much more than that. When she began to flirt with him he saw an oppertunity to rise in ranks and seized the chance. He went along in the love act they had, and Spottedfire thought it was real. Stormheart really loved a she-cat called Wingfeather and he secretly dated her.

  15. (I actually couldn't post anymore. Shrug. I guess I'll do some more.)

    Spottedfire's best friend, Rainwater, new that Stormheart was cheating. But Spottedfire was so in love she couldn't bring herself to rain on her parade. One day, Stormheart went out on a patrol a long way away from camp, just him. Spottedfire decided to surprise him and drop in. She didn't know that he had asked Wingfeather to meet him up and then they could be together. Spottedfire planted herself in a tree in a clearing and waited for her tomfriend to come along. He came into the clearing, tail in tail with Wingfeather. Spottedfire felt her heart break, but she waited in the tree in case there was a misunderstanding.
    "Stormheart," Wingfeather purred, covering him with licks. "I thought you loved Spottedfire."
    "No," he replied, purring and licking her back. "I really just let her think that so she would give me a better position in the Clan. I love YOU, Wingfeather. Spottedfire was really just a play toy."
    "STORMHEART!!" Spottedfire screeched, launching herself out of the tree and on top of the two. "I thought you cared about us. I thought I meant as much to you as you do to me! I can see you were wrong. You will regret this, Stormy."
    "That's Stormheart," Stormheart interrupted coolly. "And there was never an us. I just wanted to have the rank of deputy/leader's mate. What's wrong with that?"
    "EVERYTHING!!" Spottedfire yowled. "I can't believe you did this!" She stormed off and the two were left alone. Stormheart licked Wingfeather on the face, but she pushed him away.
    "How could you do this to her?" she whispered, "I can't. I can't do this anymore. Not if I hurt an innocent cat who thought you loved her. I bet you're cheating on me too." She let out a wail of despair and ran away. Stormheart stared after her with shock. He gave a yowl of pure rage and ran in the opposite direction.

    (I will finish this later. Like, tomorrow.)

  16. Ashstripes sulked along in silence. He had escaped the treachery of his past. If only he knew where he was going.
    On his journey, he had met others, but they never stuck around long enough to become close.
    He would walk by dens where a family with newborn kits would be. It made him sad to think about.
    One night, Ashstripes walked in the pouring rain... alone. It was the saddest he had ever been. He had no idea where he was going and where he had been.
    He sat in a tree (inside the BreezeClan border) in his lonely state of depression. He saw a patch-coat she-cat and a gray she-cat conversing.
    "Rainwater, I just dont think the tom i want is out there." The patch coat cat said.
    "Spottedstar do you hear yourself? That's basically calling yourself ugly." Rainwater responded.
    Ashstripes watched Spottedstar intently. She was beautiful. When would he get a chance to meet her? He would do anything to talk to her.
    "Well, after Stormheart, I have felt... empty.. And there aren't many toms here anyway..." Spottedstar kicked up some dirt.
    Ashstripes made up his mind. He was going to join BreezeClan.
    He followed them back to camp and.... the rest is history. =)


  17. (Nice! So that was when I was leader? I'm going to fill out the rest of my life.)

    Stormheart was never seen again after that episode, and Spottedfire had made up with Wingfeather. But something tugged at her. Leafstar was the current eldest of the leaders, and Spottedfire worried for her friend. On day, on the way to the Gathering, Leafstar fell into the lake. Wingfeather dove right in the lake after her, and the two she-cats both drowned. Spottedfire announced the sad event and went to the Moonpool the next night, along with Sunblossom, the current medicine cat. Spottedfire lapped the water at the Moonpool and fell into a deep sleep. When she woke, she was on the Gathering island, and it was brightly lit. Suddenly, nine starry figures descended from the sky.
    "Spottedfire," the brightest said. "Welcome."
    "Umm... okay." Spottedfire replied nervously. Suddenly, the light died down and she could recognize the cats. There was Redfire, the cat that had been medicine cat when Spottedfire was a kit; Silverflare, Spottedfire's sister; Flameriver, her brother; Crestmoon, Spottedfire's mom; Silverclaw, a warrior that died in a badger attack; Leafstar; Wingfeather; Kinktail, a she-cat that had died on the Thunderpath; Stormheart; and Waterfrost. Spottedfire stared with disbelief at her family. Silverflare stepped forward.
    "With this life I give you compassion," she meowed. "Use it with elders, kits, warriors, and family, as I have not."
    Flameriver stepped forward next.
    "With this life I give you strength," he mewed. "Use it to defend your Clan."
    Redfire was next. "With this life I give you wisdom," she said softly. "Wisely chose your battles."
    "With this life I give you a mother's fierceness," Crestmoon told Spottedfire. "You Clan is your family now, and it is your duty to protect them."
    "With this life I give you speed," Silverclaw said. "Be swift and graceful while hunting and fighting."
    "With this life I give you humility," Kinktail mewed. "The world is so big! The four Clans are small compared to the whole earth around you."
    "With this life I give you mercy," Wingfeather meowed. "A good warrior does not need to kill in battle; and use this gift in your daily Clan life, too."
    "With this life I give you patience," Leafstar said with a smile. "You will need it."
    "With this life I give you forgiveness," Stormheart meowed with a guilty glance. "Cats will hurt you. Use this gift to forgive even the worst offenses. Like mine. . . ."
    "With this gift I give you love," Waterfrost whispered with pain. "Here is the love that I never gave you. Please forgive me." Spottedfire looked him square in the eye. "Father," she meowed, "I never stopped hoping that someday you would say something like this to me. Now you have, and here are the words I have kept forever in my heart: I forgive you." Waterfrost stumbled backwards with tears in his eyes.
    "Spottedfire, do you promise to lead your Clan as long as you live, and pass your leadership on to a worthy cat?" It seemed as every voice on the island had risen up and confronted her, all waiting for the word.
    Spottedfire swallowed. "I do."
    "Then by the power of StarClan, you shall now be known as Spottedstar! StarClan honors your determination, kindness, and strength. May you serve your Clan as long as you live!"

  18. A chilly, autumn breeze met the abrupt arrival of two, tiny, fluffy kits, yet only one squirmed and mewled with the exuberance of life, while the other lay still, paralysed in the form of death, waiting for starclan to take her away. The mother was weak too, and she survived only 2 moons, enough time to name her little kit Ivory and to teach her all the basic healing herbs and called upon a tom cat, only 4 moons older than ivory to help her live, and then she died, leaving two kits in the wilderness alone.
    It didn;t take long for the two kits to strike up a friendship that would last them an eternity, so with a vow, Bramble (the tom) promised to look after Ivory forever and beyond.
    After only a couple of weeks, they strayed into a beautiful patch of land bearing the scents of dozens of other cats, with a mrrow of joy, the stumbled in, just to find the wonderful, and welcoming cats of Breezeclan awaiting them