Warriors' Den

The warriors can post what's going on in their daily lives here.


  1. Spottedstar came out from her den, yawning as the early morning sun shone through camp. Right now, Purewhisker was on guard duty while Rainwater, Windpaw, and Hazelpaw were out on a hunting patrol.
    "Good morning Purewhisker," Spottedstar greeted one of the few warriors of Breezeclan.
    "Good mornin Spottedstar, wow, Starclan has sure blessed us with a wonderful day today, the weather is perfect!" Purewhisker smiled.
    "Indeed it is. I only wish we could somehow get more warriors in Breezeclan, we have so few at the moment," Spottedstar sighed.
    "Don't fret Spottedstar, I'm sure Breezeclan will be bubbling with excitement in the next few moons, I'm sure of it," Purewhisker assured her.

  2. I smiled.
    "Indeed, Purewhisker. That's always a possibility. We must pray that StarClan will grant us more members."

  3. Ravenpelt walked in. "Uhhhhh... hello?? Spottedstar?"

  4. "I'm fine, thanks. You uh, want to have breakfast together?" Ravenpelt asked nervously.
    "Why, I'd be delighted to Ravenpelt!" Spottedstar smiled. She went over to the fresh-kill pile and picked out a thrush for them to share.
    "So, how's clan life?" Spottedstar asked between bites.
    "It's well, nice and quiet. What about you, is being a leader fun?" Ravenpelt asked, looking into her eyes before quickly returning to his food.

  5. "Well, it's kind of hard," I answered. "Having to take care of so many cats. You have to consider all of their needs and wants, then you make the decisions. It's complicated at first, then it gets easier. But no matter what you do, being a leader is challenging." Ravenpelt smiled slightly.

  6. Thunderstrike/JetstreamJanuary 8, 2012 at 5:51 PM

    Thunderstrike yawned massively as he emerged from the warriors den. He had only been here a sunrise, but he looks as if he had made himself quite at home here in Breezeclan.
    He trotted to the FreshKill Pile and rummaged about until he found a nice plump looking mouse and grabbed it in his jaws.

    "hello Ravenpelt. Morning, Spottedstar. you two uh, you two dont mind if i join you, do you?" he asked politely, around his mouse.

  7. Ravenpelt nodded as she munched down on her bird.
    "Hey Thunderstrike." She said, eyeing him curiously. "Want to border around later together? Just us two?"
    Thunderstrike smiled. "Well, there aren't many warriors, so it's not like we could take a whole PATROL with us..."
    "That's a good idea Ravenpelt. Set some new markers." Spottedstar suggested.

  8. Thunderstrike couldnt say anything else, his mouth was full. He did however, have a habit of talking with it full, but he was with she-cats and not with other toms or by himself so he didnt talk.
    after he swallowed, he said, "alright. will do, Spottedstar." He nodded and finished his mouse. Then he waited for Ravenpelt to finish her bird.

  9. Ravenpelt yawned loudly and stretched- her pelt shining in the bright sun.
    "Oh I wish I had an apprentice. Hunting and border patrolling all day is no fun alone."She meowed aloud.
    "Hey!! You have me!!" Thunderstrike growled in a playful manner.

    (Are there other clans here?)

  10. (Well, I was thinking there could be four Clans; BreezeClan, LightningClan, ShadeClan, and StreamClan. They're like the desendents of Thunder, River, Wind, and Shadow. Hehe... I got the inspiration from fourth grade. My friends and I would play Warriors. We had those Clan names, so we weren't copying Warriors exactly. :)}

  11. (ohh cool spotsy. :D) "Anyway, i know what you mean. there are barely any cats here.... its kind of depressing if you think about it long enough." he sighs, startin to pad off, then stopping to check that shes following him.

  12. I smiled at the two cats as they left for patrol.
    "Make sure to double check ShadeClan!" I called after them. "They've been extra testy on our border. According to lore, they're just like they're ancestors, ShadowClan, who were always crossing the border."

  13. "got it!!!" Thunderstrike called back waving his tail as he stepped through the entrance.
    (its s short!!)

  14. Ravenpelt felt glad she was going on a fresh patrol with an enthusiastic warrior. Secretly, she admired Thunderstrike, but only thought of him or wanted to be friends. A least for the time moment. As she sniffed the air, a pungent Shadeclan smell hit her and she wrinkled her nose.
    "I know. I smelled it just a heartbeat before you." Thunderstrike meowed grimly. "They've been here recently."

  15. "Figures. the one day we get sent to do a Shadeclan border patrol, they come and go right before we even get close." he growled annoyedly. But he quickly clamed down and reset the markers.
    "alright. done and done. so uh...." Thunderstrike mewed. his ears burned and he didnt understand why. They only did that aound she-cats, but they did it worse when he was around Ravenpelt. it got quite annoying. "you wanna go hunting or something?" he asked finally.

  16. Ravenpelt blinked, glad that someone had asked her to do something instead of rotting around in the camp. She shuffled her paws and instantly hated herself for having that instinct- to shuffle her paws. Shuffling her paws was a sign of embarrassment, or awkwardness. Luckily the clan didn't know about it yet, but the YET was big.
    Shuffling her paws on instinct again, she smiled.
    "Of course!" She said. "Race you to the pine trees!" She said, winking as she fled the ground, confident she would win the race- I mean, she was the fastest runner! But she had to admit Thunderstrike was cunning and fast in each stride.

  17. He laughed with delight at the challenge. they were neck and neck now. Of course, him being the clutz he was, his paw slipped and he stumbled forward but caught himself and Ravenpelt ended up taking the lead. He laughed again and put on an extra burst of speed and nearly ran headlong into a pine tree, he sent himself skidding and rolling a couple tail lengths until he finally landed upside down against a tree.
    "i'm good!!" he said, falling over on his side to get up.
    He laughed again. He might be a warrior but he acted like a kit when it was the right time.

  18. I finished my rabbit and headed up to my den. I seriously hated sleeping alone. I plopped down in my nest and sighed. Being a leader was harder than any cat thought. I decided to think a bit. Icekit was about four moons, maybe five. Who was to mentor her? Hmm. I could tell she was interested in being a medicine cat. If she chose to be a warrior, I think Ravenpelt should mentor her. If not, then Mistwing. (I play her.) Misting was calm and quiet, but wasn't a senior warrior. She had been a warrior for maybe six moons. I considered Ravenpelt again. She was a nice and patient cat, willing to help always. Both her hunting skills and fighting skills were very impressive. But she needed some time to adjust to warrior life. She wasn't really ready either. Hmmm. Being a leader was much harder than most cats think.

  19. Ravenpelt laughed as she tumbled over the trunck and landed in the thrush of the trees.
    "FIRST PLACE... RAVENPELT!!" She yowled through the woods. She hesitated. Thunderstrike did not come through yet. She put a paw forward, hesitating.

    No movement.
    Then from the shadows, he came on top of her.
    "YOU MAY BE FIRST, but I can take it from you!" He said, harmlessly tussling her.
    Ravenpelt laughed as she batted him away smoothly.
    "Stop it! You're making enough racket to scare away all the prey!"
    She blushed as she realized he was on top of her looking at her purple eyes.

  20. He caught himself and his ears feeling like they were on fire, he hastily got off her and sat down.
    "er..... sorry... about that...." he stuttered, shuffling his paws. then, out of the blue, he mews, "I think your eyes are pretty..." he jerked his head up and looked around as if he couldnt believe that he had said that.
    "uh.....um.....er....did i say that?" he mewed, putting a paw on an ear to check that it really wasnt on fire, they burned so bad.

  21. "It's ok, I never mind getting a compliment," Ravenpelt smiled. Thunderstrike took a big breath of relief and Ravenpelt laughed at his exaggeration. Just in the heat of the moment, Ravenpelt spotted a vole and got into her hunter's crouch and pounced onto it.

  22. "nice catch. i can do better." he added playfully, smiling. He looked around and spotted a squirrel and instantly, he leaped into a tree and silently he crept up the tree and onto the same branch as it, but right as he took a step away from the trunk he looked down and grunted. he hated heights. he was scared to death of them. why he had chosen a squirrel, he didnt know. The squirrel took off running through the branches and Thunderstrike eased himself back down the trunk and onto the ground where he sighed with relief and shuddered.
    "heights are not my strong-suit..." he mewed with a breathy laugh

  23. Ravenpelt blinked. "That's okay. I understand."
    Thunderstrike felt a bit disappointed he didn't catch the squirrel. He found himself looking into Ravenpelt's eyes again. They were so luring!!
    Ravenpelt blinked as he stared at her and giggled slightly. "Let's take this vole back to camp. Spottedstar will think we've done nothing" She added, flicking her tail to get the vole.
    "Well... we HAVE been hunting..." Thunderstrike said. "And a LITTLE playing around." He joked.

  24. "so technically we HAVE done something." he mews, smiling.
    "im goin to see if i can find something else. i dont want to go back to camp without anything that i caught. that would make it look like i didnt work at all. which if you think about it, i didnt do much work.....at all.... but oh well." he said, jogging over to a bush and looking back.
    "you can come with me, or you can go on back to camp. your choice." he neglected to add the fact that he preferred she stay with him, but he was too embarrassed to tell her that.

  25. Ravenpelt blinked at him gently, then looked back down at her prey.
    "I'll stay with you- the camp's too boring anyways." Ravenpelt didn't add the point that she actually didn't think the camp was boring, but wanted to stay out longer alone with Thunderstrike.
    "So... let's see if you can catch something this time!" Teased Ravenpelt, dangling her vole in front of him. Thunderstrike growled playfully and swiped at the vole. Suddenly, they both heard crunching in the bushes.
    "A rabbit!" Hissed Ravenpelt. She stopped. She smelled the air.
    "Shadeclan!!" She growled beneath her breath, her purple eyes shining in anger. "How DARE they cross our borders! Let's go rip out their necks!!"
    "Not us two, not alone." Thunderstrike said calmly. "We have to go back and warn the clan, and then take maybe Purewhisker and Rainwater out here." He sniffed the air. "3 cats. Come on, let's see what they're doing."
    Ravenpelt shuffled her paws as she nervously followed Thunderstrike.

  26. (I have a brilliant idea. What if it's like ShadowClan in the first Warriors series? Where Brokenstar's all mean and they ran away.)

  27. *that would be awesome!!!*
    When Ravenpelt and Thunderstrike pelted back to camp, they collected Purewhisker and Rainwater as fast as they could. Since Purewhisker was on duty, so Spottedstar decided to take her place. They ran out to the spot and found 3 cats.
    "Hello, I am Darkstar, or Darkclaw, whatever you prefer. This is Sanddune and my youngest follower, Riverstorm," Darkstar smirked.
    Rainwater stared at Riverstorm with pain in her eyes. He stared back at her with a look saying, 'I'm sorry.' She ignored him and turned her attention to Darkstar.
    "Don't think you can be friendly with us, mange-pelt. You're trespassing on Breezeclan territory, now LEAVE!" Rainwater boomed loudly, so that even Darkstar was frightened by her voice.
    "We will leave for now, but we will be back for the way you have treated us, I promise you," Darkstar warned, padding away. He motioned for Riverstorm to follow him, but he wouldn't budge. His gaze was fixed on Rainwater, and Rainwater felt vibes of sorrrowfulness coming off his sharp green eyes.
    -Rainwater (see self-stories for more info about Riverstorm)

  28. He led the way to a bush where he glanced around and saw that they were headed t a clearing, which meant no cover. as much as he hated to admit it, they were going to have to climb.
    "ravenpelt, theyre headed to a clearing. we have to climb...." he said under his breath.

  29. (whoops lol here)
    Thunderstrike looked from Rainwater to Riverstorm.
    "uhhh.... awkward.." he muttered, flicking his ear.

  30. Ravenpelt twitched her ear and waited for Spottedstar to say something.
    "Leave." She hissed to Riverstorm, and slowly, he backed away.
    "Uh... I'm not going to ask what that was about." Ravenpelt decided.
    "Rainwater, you and I head back to camp. Thunderstrike, take Ravenpelt and survey Streamclan!!" She ordered.
    Ravenpelt shuffled her feet-yet AGAIN. Why was she so nervous around Thunderstrike? After all, he was a friend...
    Rainwater left with Spottedstar.

  31. "got it. come on Ravenpelt." he said, dipping his head and jogging towards the Streamclan border.
    "you comin?" he asked, looking back over his shoulder as he came to a halt.

  32. Ravenpelt turned her ear, and then shuffled her paws again. She blinked her purple eyes.
    "Yeah I'm coming, sorry about that. I was just thinking that maybe the Shadeclan patrol would come back again... you know the threat they gave us."
    Thunderstrike cocked his head. "Good point. But we have to follow Spottedstar's orders."
    Ravenpelt nodded and followed him.

  33. "and, unless they do, theres nothing that we can really do about it." he added, as he sniffed he air and then he leapt inside a bush and came back out with a plump squirrel.
    "i have succeeded!" he said triumphantly, past the squirrel in his jaws.
    "and you thought i couldnt catch anything." he purred, smiling.

  34. Ravenpelt laughed sweetly, her mind swirling with thoughts. "Let's bury our prey here and go to Streamclan." She said.

    The two cats paced side by side as they headed towards Streamclan. They sniffed the borders.
    "Everything seems to be fine here. Let's head back to the clan."

  35. "uhh where did we bury the prey?" he asked, flicking his ear. "i cant remember..."

    (lol this is exactly what i would do. lol)

  36. Ravenpelt laughed, her voice ringing out into Thunderstrike's ears.
    "It's back near the Shadeclan border." She said, guiding him. "Silly Goose." She joked, playfully swatting him. "You'd be lost without me!" She jumped on him, easily pinning him down as she looked into his eyes.

  37. Her expression suddenly changed, as her stomach got queasy the way it did when she was nervous. She akwardly got off him and they sat there in silence.
    "Well, uh, we should probably get back to the clan now, I'll go get my prey," Thunderstrike muttered.
    "I'll go with you," Ravenpelt said quickly, afraid that the rogues would show up again.

  38. Thunderstrike again felt his ears burning and they walked together in pure silence, Ravenpelt trying to say something, but felt too uncomfortable to say, and Thunderstrike's ears too red to do anything. To make it a bit less awkward, Ravenpelt trotted up to him and said,
    "You know, you're a great... clan mate." She said softly, for once her paws not shuffling.

  39. (Back at camp....)

    "Rainwater!" I called sharply to my deputy. "Make sure everyone is on guard. ShadeClan will undoubtedly attack in the near future. I want every apprentice ready, Icekit with a warrior, and every warrior alert. Then-" I was cut off by a savage battle cry. "ShadeClan is attacking!" I screeched. "Warriors, attack!" The fight was swift and brutal. After about an hour of fighting, Darkstar stepped forward.
    "Hello, Spottedstar," he meowed with cold pleasure. "I see you were... prepared for this attack. I had hoped you'd lose, but your Clan came through."
    "Darkstar!" I hissed. "How can you LIVE with yourself?!? If any one of your warrior step a LEAF'S length over the border again, I will personally rip their eyes out and shove them down their throats so they can watch me rip out their carcasses!!!!!!" Several cats whimpered and ran away. Darkstar looked taken aback.
    "I see you have lost no ferocity," he said in an icy monotone. "I advise you to do this: surrender your territory to my Clan, and your cats will be unharmed. If you do not, your Clan will suffer. We WILL fight to take all the territory. We already have LightningClan shivering in their nests. You'd better surrender. NOW."

  40. (Hehe. I got that line from Alpha and Omega.)

  41. (I mean the threat and claws one.)

  42. Ravenpelt went up to Spottedfire and whispered:
    "Many of our cats our injured, and Icekit is close to death."
    Spottedstar sighed.

    Sorry. Shortness.

  43. (Did you like my awesome threat?)

  44. I turned to Darkstar with raw fury. "We will NEVER SURRENDER!!!! BREEZECLAN WILL REMAIN STRONG!!"
    Darkstar looked at me. "Very well," he meowed. "I will battle you soon."

    (Double shortness. I was thinking Darkstar and Spottedstar have head on battle, and Spottedstar loses one of her lives. Darkstar's an older leader, and he has six lives left. So how about that?)

  45. (Sorry, that was me. My account was messed up, so I posted as anonymous.)

  46. *it's ok, and awesome threat btw, I would be scared if I was a warrior cat*
    "Rainwater, wait, I need to talk to you," Riverstorm said.
    "No Riverstorm, there's nothing to talk about. You abandoned me, you made a choice, it's done. We're done," Rainwater cried, her eyes welling up in tears. She started to walk away and Riverstorm bolted after her.

  47. "I did it to protect you, because I loved you so much... don't you realize that? I dream about you every day Rainwater! I'm still in love with you."
    "Riverstorm!" Barked Darkstar harshly. "Get over here! We're heading back." He snorted.

  48. Thunderstrike shoved one of the remaining Shadeclan cats to their paws and gave them another shove, sending them scrabbling and skidding out of the entrance.

    "good riddance if you ask me..." he grumbled, blood dripping from various wounds all over his body.

  49. Ravenpelt padded over to Thunderstrike and started licking his pelt so the blood stopped drifting.
    He yawned and said, "Thanks Ravenpelt." He blinked and saw her shoulder deeply wounded. "That shoulder looks bad." He said.
    "I'll live through it, hopefully." Ravenpelt answered.

  50. "you should get Badgerstripe to look at it." he mewed, flicking his tail, restraining himself from licking nher ear or something like that. He didnt want to feel awkward again. like he always did when they were out hunting or patroling, and it was just them 2.

  51. (Ha. First time Badgerstripe has been mentioned on here. Humph,)

  52. "Hey Mistwing!" I called. "Wanna go hunting?"
    "Uh," she glanced up from mouse she was finishing. "Sure. Can someone else come too?"
    "Sure!" I answered cheerfully. "Purewhisker! Wanna go hunting?"
    "Sure!" the tabby she-cat answered. "We need prey after the ShadeClan attack. Our cats will be hungrier than ever."
    (Btw, I play Mistwing.)

  53. Ravenpelt jumped. "Thunderstrike, Rainwater, and I will be the only warriors in camp!"
    "Well we don't have many warriors anyways." Thunderstrike reasoned. "It's okay Ravenpelt." He meowed gently. "I'll protect you."
    I let him absorb my unblinking eyes as I smiled and let myself lick his ear before Badgerstripe came over to wound my shoulder with cobwebs. Spottedstar, Mistwing, and Purewhisker ran off together, Rainwater was playing with Icekit, and the apprentices were huddled together, so that left Thunderstrike by my side.

  54. Foxtalon wondered into the camp.
    "Uh, where am i?"
    - Foxtalon

  55. "Well, here," I told the cat, walking up behind him.
    "Well where would here be?" He asked. "I could be anywhere in the world."
    "Well, you're on BreezeClan territory. If you don't wish to join, then you'd better leave. By the way, I'm Spottedstar. I just got back from hunting." I walked up to the fresh-kill pile and dropped my three rabbits and two thrush. "Joining would be an honor. Please, before you decide, tell us your story. Tell us where you came from." I stared at him intently, and he squirmed.

  56. At that moment, another cat burst through the entrance. He seemed to be on the run. He was shocked to see other cats there.
    "Hello." Thunderstrike meowed.
    The new cat was grey with blue eyes. He looked about Spottedstar's age.
    "I'm Ash. I... I kinna need somewhere to start my life over.." He said.
    Spottedstar stood up. "You are welcome to stay here." She was taken with this tom. She felt like she knew him. "I'm Spottedstar."
    "Ash." He repeated.
    He stared into her eyes. She was beautiful. He wanted to get to know her so much. He knew there was something there that wasnt usually there.
    Spottedstar assembled her clan. "Clanmates! I wish for you to hear my words! Foxtalon and Ash have been driven to BreezeClan for something. I here by name them Foxtalon and Ashstripes!" Spottedstar meowed.


  57. Thunderstrike dipped his head to the new warriors.
    "now we're not the only warriors in camp." he said, smiling at Ravenpelt.
    He looked at Ashstripes, and felt a faint memory begin to stir. He shrugged it off, discarding it as nothing. There is no way that he knew this cat. But, then again.... he did remind him of SOMETHING. but he memory eluded him.
    'i'll figure it out later.' he promised himself.
    "so, now we have two new warriors. im glad, because then im not the newbie anymore." Thunderstrike joked, grinning.

  58. Ashstripes was drooling pver Spottedstar.
    'Eeeeeewwwew....' Thunderstrike thought. He couldnt help but feel alittle jealous. He was hitting on the leader and she was noticing. But where did he know this cat?? Then, it hit him.
    (this is Thunderstrike's memory)
    "Mother! Ash and Bear have gone!" A tiny yellow kit squeaked.
    "Paws.. Calm down. Thunder and Falcon are here. Who cares if those two kits are gone? Their brothers will be strong and amazing." A grey she-cat soothed.
    Two kits bounded towards them. "Mother!" The grey one squeaked.
    "Ash! Bear! GET OUT!" The grey she-cat snarled.
    "But mother!" Bear wailed.
    "Get out! We dont want you!" The grey sh-cat hissed.

    (Real time)
    'Ashstripes is my brother!' Thunderstrike thought.


  59. "ohhhhhhhhhh snap." he muttered, then he leapt over to Ashstripes.

    "uhh, hey. Ashstripes, whats your EARLIEST memory. like when you were a kit." he meowed, out of the blue.
    Thunderstrike hoped he was right. Afterall, it was Bear and Ash that Smog had disowned. He regretted being one of the favorites of his siblings. he regretted it dearly.
    "and what was your mothers name?" he added.

  60. I looked back at Ashstripes and Thunderstrike. Ashstripes was so. . . so. . . perfect. I felt like the world stopped when I looked at him, and it spun faster when he talked to me. 'Oh Ashstripes,' I thought. 'I really do like you.'

  61. Ravenpelt/DawnflightJanuary 16, 2012 at 6:27 PM

    Ravenpelt stared from Thunderstrike to Ashstripes as he crowded him with questions. She trotted over as Ashstripes stammered. She saw him stare at the leader and I rolled my eyes.

    "Hello?? Hello!! Anyone? Here?? Anyone??? Woah!!" Dawn stumbled in. Immediately, Ravenpelt and Purewhisker were hissing at her.
    "Please! Don't hurt me!" Dawn cried. Spottedstar came over.

  62. "We won't hurt you," I said unceremoniously. "I guess you can join BreezeClan if you want. Great StarClan, the loners are flocking to my Clan like moths to fire. So, how about it?"
    "Uhhh...... Okay?" Dawn replied uncertainly.
    "Great. Dawn, you have chosen to enter the life of a Clan cat. StarClan honors you and accepts you. From this moment forward, you shall be known as Dawnflight. Purewhisker, could you help Dawnflight with hunting and fighting in the ways of a BreezeClan warrior?"
    "Uh, sure," she responded.
    "Dawnflight, welcome to BreezeClan!"

  63. "My earliest memory is my mother getting rid off me and my brother, Bear." Ashstripes said.
    "Holy tolito..... We're brothers..." Thunderstrike meowed happily.


  64. Foxtalon smiled at all the new warriors that had weirdly come we he had. How hadn't he noticed the two cats literly right behind him. Expeically Dawnflight =^-^=
    - Foxtalon

  65. "dude, do you remember how bad Smog ahad wanted me, Paws, and Falcon?! it was all she talked about. she wouldnt let dad anywhere near us. she was that messed up." Thunderstrike said, giving an almost apolagetic look to Ashstripes.

    "yeah... so what happened to them? all of them." Ashstripes mewed, flicking an ear in response.

    "Paws died of GreenCough. there was nothing Mom could do but keep me and Falcon as far away from her as possible. one night while Paws was sleeping she took me and Falcon and left her there to die." Thunderstrike explained solomnly. The memory was still fresh in his mind.
    "then on the way, Falcon ate DeathBerries on accident.... and died.... Mom went nuts after that. she completely ignored me and kept wandering around until eventually she took me and her to the ridge. she wanted to kill herself and wanted to take me with her... but thankfully she was weak because she had practically starved herself with her grief. and i got out of the way as she fell. and thats about it. oh, and then i grew up and came to Breezeclan." he explained, looking at his paws.

  66. (IKR. you should read my short story. lol its even darker and more depressing than this. my characters named Blake and he and his dad go on this vacation to the Grand Canyon and everything goes wrong. its like the shw I Shouldn't Be Alive. i LOVE that show!! lol)

  67. (Awww Thunderstrike and Ashstripes reunited!!!)

    Ashstripes stood back. "We shouldnt be alive."
    "I know. I'm happy here. And trust me, you will be too." Thunderstrike meowed.
    Ashstripes was smiling at Spottedstar. "I sure hope so." He was beaming.
    Spottedstar was talking with Foxtalon about clan rules when Ashstripes came up to her.
    "Wanna come for a walk with me?" He asked.
    "Ofcourse I do!" She didnt want to sound desperate. "I mean... Yes."


  68. Ashstripes smiled in that sweet way of his and I couldn't help but smile back.
    "Do you want to go near StreamClan border, LightningClan border, or near the HorsePlace?"
    "Uhh, why not try LightningClan?" He replied.
    "Okay," I said. "Let's go." And we went off to the border. "You know, Dovestar has been more uptight on border patrol and things like that since Darkstar started demanding more territory." i meowed. "I think he's a fool. Why would any leader give up their home?"
    "I know you'd never give in," Ashstripes said softly. My pelt turned hot. "Well, why would I?"
    "Because you're the strongest cat I know." He told me. Adrenaline coursed through my blood. I could run around the lake, I could do anything! I boldly lick Ashstripes's cheek.
    (Can't think of anymore... I'm awful at writing lovey-dovey things! Omg, I'm listening to Your Love Is My Drug by Ke$ha. Lol!)

  69. (I like your beard. WEIRDEST LYRIC IN THE SONG!!)

  70. (LOL!)
    Ashstripes knew that this was going to work. Something inside of him said so.
    "I'm just gonna say that I really really like you." Spottedstar said.
    "Same here. You're intelligent, pretty, brave, and a great leader." Ashstripes felt goofy complimenting her like this.
    Spottedstar's ears turned beat red. Her emotional blood circulation was coming on.
    "I know I just met you but I feel like I know you so well.." Ashstripes meowed.


  71. Foxtalon saw Dawnflight on the other side of camp. He laughed at himself for falling head over tail.
    Toms couldn't really help themself, could they?
    He smelt his pelt.
    'Ew I smell like dung!'
    He caught Dawnflight's gaze.
    Foxtalon smiled and caught himself puffing out his chest.
    She laughed.
    He nodded towards the enterence, just to let her know where he was going and went to find water to soak in.
    - Foxy XD

  72. |Awww... how cute :)|

    Dawnflight saw Foxtalon and immediately her heart started pumping. She turned towards Ravenpelt.
    "I'm going to get some water." She said.
    "Want me to come?" Asked Ravenpelt.
    "Naw I'm good." Dawnflight rushed, flicking her tail out. "Go somewhere with THunderstrike." She rushed.
    She galloped to the river where she found Foxtalon washing himself.
    "Hey Foxtalon!" She said warmly, trotting up to him and licking his wet fur dry.
    "Careful! Your tongue might taste like dung!" He joked.
    "I don't care because I'm washing YOU." Dawnflight said and they both fell silent. :)

  73. Foxtalon smile and caught himself puffing out his chest again.
    Dawnflight and Foxtalon laughed.
    - Foxy

  74. Ashstripes paced camp anxiously. Once Spottedstar walked through the entrance, he would confess all of his love for her. He would need for her to know his past too.
    "Spottedstar.. I'm a killer... But I'm not anymore because... I love you." He rehearsed. He shook his head out of annoyance. He knew she wouldn't go for him if that's what he said.

    Meanwhile outside of camp, Spottedstar told Thunderstrike that she was in love with Ashstripes. Since he was Ashstripes brother, she figured he would know what to do.
    "All you gotta do is let him tell you that first. Don't worry, your secret is safe with me." Thunderstrike meowed.
    Spottedstar let out a sigh of relief. "Thank StarClan. So do you think he will say something?" She asked.
    Thunderstrike nodded. "A word of caution. He is REALLY afraid to open up after he killed our brother, Bear. He doesnt trust many cats with that secret." Thunderstrike told her.
    Spottedstar looked at her paws. 'Only a few? What if he doesn't tell me? Does he not love me?' She thought.

    Spottedstar walked into camp to see Ashstripes, alone and pacing back and forth.
    "Oh, Spottedstar! I wanted to talk to you!" He meowed.
    She smiled and walked toward him.
    Ashstripes licked her cheek. "I wanted to tell you something that I have never told any cat before in my life." He swallowed.
    Spottedstar could hear her heart beating and wondered if he could too.
    "I.... I killed..... 5 cats.... But that's not what I wanted to tell you. I only told you that because... I love you... And i cant keep secrets from you anymore." Ashstripes could hear her heart beating now. She was silent. One minute passed.... then another..... then five more....
    "I knew a sophisticated cat like you couldnt love a killer." He kicked up a puddle of mud from his back paw and nearly hit the fresh kill pile.
    "No! Wait!" Spottedstar called.
    "Yes?" A gleam of hope shined in Ashstripes's eyes.

    I want to see what Spottedstar has to say =)

  75. (Okay, I'm not too good at emotinal stuff, but I'll do the best I can.)

    I stared at Ashstripes. "You seriously think I would turn you down just because of your past? That's just mouse-brained. I really. . . do lo- like you, Ash. I hope you don't think that that's. . . . That I. . . ." I couldn't take the tension anymore, so I walked up and licked him on the cheek. "Ashstripes, I love you. And I would like to know if you feel the same."

  76. Ashstripes stared into her deep, sparkling, eyes. She couldn't hide the concern.
    "Ofcourse I do. Any cat would be lucky to call you their love." He shuffled his paws.
    Spottedstar's gaze softened. She quickly wrapped her tail around him. "You will always be better then that cheating loser."
    "Who?" Ashstripes asked.
    "A past tomfriend. Nothing to worry about. He left." Spottedstar clarified.


  77. Foxtalon and Dawnfight sat there for a moment.
    "H-have we met another time?" he asked her.
    "I don't think we have. Trust me, I would've remembered," she said, looked over her shoulder.
    The shy warrior leaned over and licked her face.
    - Foxy

  78. He blushed furiously after his extremely bold move. He pulled away and stared at his paws.
    "Why'd you pull away?" Dawnflight asked. She was smiling and was beaming with happiness.
    Foxtalon smiled. He really had made an impression here in a short time.


  79. Just then a brown tom burst through the entrance of camp and looked around as if just noticing all the scents. he had been running so fast and so hard that he hadnt noticed. He backed up a pawstep and looked around wildly. Then another 2 cats ran right into him, sending him and themselves skidding.
    Thunderstrike got to his paws and shook his head and grunted.
    "dag on... that hurt." he started to say until he saw the cat who had just burst into camp. Their eyes met and the strange tom hastily got to his paws and backed up towards the entrance.
    "i-i'm s-sorry. but-" he stammered, his shyness getting the best of him as he started to turn to flee.
    "wait a second... Eagle?" Thunderstrike mewed slowly, recognition lighting up his eyes.
    Eagle turned and he looked alittle shocked. "Thunder...? why are y-you here?"
    "i live here. this is my new clan. and im sure you remember Ash." Thunderstrike mewed, waving his tail to where Ashstripes was standing nearby.


  80. "Eagle?!" Ashstripes meowed as he ran to his long lost brother.
    "How are you... alive?" Thunderstrike asked.
    "I ran off when I knew things were bad." Eagle said.


  81. CRAPCRAPCRAP! I MEANT LONG LOST COUSIN! =B i'm a stupid country gurl


  82. "you still have your stutter..." Thunderstrike muttered, flicking his tail against his cousins ear apolagetically.

    "i-its not as b-bad now." Eagle said defensively. He hated it when they took pity on him just because he couldnt talk right.
    (ha. i have a stutter too so i feel his pain haha. it gets SUPER annoying when your on the phone cuz people always go, "what? im sorry i cant hear you." or something like that.)
    Thunderstrike nodded and cast a glance at Ashstripes.
    "s-so... are w-we just gunna s-stand here or a-are we gunna get m-me introduced? i-if i can join that i-is." Eagle asks smiling.


  83. "Ofcourse you can join!" Ashstripes insisted.
    "Can he say that?" Eagle asked Thunderstrike.
    "Ya. He's her mate. She cant say no to those eyes he's got." Thunderstrike mocked.
    Eagle felt better. His tail flicked to the side. He stared at the ground as he walked. It sure was different.
    "Spotsy!" Ashstripes poked his head into their den.
    "Ash! Who's that?" She asked.
    "He's our cousin. Can he join?" Thunderstrike asked.
    Spottedstar examined Eagle for a moment. "Ofcourse. Your name shall be Eaglestrike."


  84. "Welcome to BreezeClan, Eaglestrike. I hope you adjust to Clan life soon."

  85. Eaglestrike felt good here for the first time in the world. He wasnt alone or just passing through. He was with his family.
    "Welcome to paradise, cousin." Ashstripes meowed.
    Eaglestrike smiled at his cousin. Thunderstrike flicked his ear.


  86. (I'll have Eaglestrike up soon. Coolio that you have cousins here!)

  87. Look at little Tim Tim, sleeping so soundly.
    Don't be scared, Timmy, or he'll eat you.
    Monsters smell fear.
    Lucky for you, I got a
    Put it on your porch, make a
    Put it in the hallway.
    Scare the monsters away.
    That'll be 50 bucks.

    But my house is on fire.

    Tim Tim, things are looking grim grim,
    But lucky for you you,
    I have come with a solution!
    It's your lucky day!

    Put it in a bucket.
    Pour it on the fire!
    Maybe make a bubble bath.
    First one's on the house.

    Ha ha ha. I see what you did there. First one's on the house.

    Ha ha ha, yeah. Just the first one though, but it took quite a few, so those, plus all the safety torches.


    So that'll be... let's just call it... 500 bucks.

    I don't have 500 bucks!

    Oh, that's fine! I'll bill your parents.


    Thanks for your time, go on back to sleep. Have a good night.

    My parents are gonna kill me.

    Lyrics to Safety Torch, BEST YOUTUBE VIDEO EVER!!!

  88. (Kool!)


  89. (lol nice spotsy. and ikr! i told him about it and he said he'd give it a try. but he only has enough time for one clan so i told him to go to BreezeClan. :D lol)
    Thunderstrike smiled and elbowed Eaglestrike.
    "come on. i'll show you around." he mewed, trotting off to the Nursery.
    "o-ok." Eaglestrike stuttered, following him.
    "A-ashstripes! you c-comin?" Eaglestrike called, looking back.

  90. Ashstripes pulled away form his mate and ran after his family.
    "So, is she 'family' now?" Thunderstrike asked.
    "I think so. What about Ravenpelt?" Ashstripes replied.
    "R-Ravenpelt?? Who i-is sh-she?" Eaglestrike looked confused.
    "His mate." Ashstripes chuckled.
    "NOT MY MATE YET!" Thunderstrike protested.
    "It's not official." Ashstripes sighed.


  91. (Ashstripes and Spottedstar are official!)


  92. Ravenpelt/DawnflightJanuary 21, 2012 at 5:37 PM

    "Hey Ashstripes and Thunderstrike! Who's this?" Ravenpelt asked, swimming up to the toms while licking Thunderstrike on the face. Ashstripes gave Thunderstrike a wink before turning to Ravenpelt.
    "This is Eaglestrike- my cousin." He introduced.
    "That's amazing!" Ravenpelt said.
    "Yeah!" Dawnflight added, coming up with Foxtalon at her heels.

  93. "BreezeClan seems to be a place to reunite a family!" Ravenpelt laughed between licks to Thunderstrike.
    Dawnflight rolled her eyes and she and Foxtalon hurried away.
    "Le-let's leave th-them be." Eaglestrike suggested.
    Ashstripes chuckled and he and Eaglestrike padded off.


  94. I stared after Ashstripes, then turned away.
    "Hey, any cat up for a hunting partol?" I called.
    "I am," Lunarshade said softly as she padded out of the warriors' den. "Can we go near the Horseplace? I think I smelled a big group of rabbits there on the border patrol I was on yesterday."
    "Okay," I meowed. "Anyone else?"
    "I'll come," Mistwing called. "I guess hunting is better than lying around camp." We left camp and walked to the Horseplace.
    "Watch out!" I screeched in horror as a horse came thundering toward us. "Guys, run!" Lunarshade took off in an instant, but Mistwing tripped. I shoved her out of the way as the horse nearly ran on top of her. She screamed as I took the blow, blacking out.


    I woke up in a starlit hollow, surrounded by cats.
    "Spottedstar," a Silverflare said. "You have lost a life. In a moment you will be sent back to BreezeClan, but for now, take a moment to recover."
    "Are Mistwing and Lunarshade okay?" I asked worriedly.
    "Yeah," Redfire meowed. "Lunarshde's fine, she raced back to camp and got Badgerstripe out as soon as she could. Mistwing is freaked out badly."
    "See, she was a loner before she joined," Flameriver said.
    "So she began screaming that you were dead," Crestmoon mewed.
    "Because she doesn't believe in StarClan," Waterfrost finished.
    "Spottedstar," Leafstar said to me, "I think it is time that you wake now. Agreed?" The world grew incredably bright, then everyone was gone, then everything turned black.


    "Spottedstar is dead!" Mistwing wailed. "It's my fault! She pushed me out of the horse's way and got stepped on. She's dead!"

  95. "SOMEONE GET ASHSTRIPES!" Lunarshade screeched.
    Spottedstar blinked open her eyes and struggled to her feet.
    "I just lost a life." She groaned rubbing her shoulder.
    "It's best we go home." Mistwing meowed.
    As Spottedstar hobbled into camp, Ashstripes dropped his mouse and hurried to her.
    "Oh, Spotsy!" He sighed licking some dirt off of her nose.
    "Ash, could you help me to my nest? I want to talk to you." Spottedstar mewed.
    Ashstripes nodded and stood near her weak shoulder.


  96. (I'll update my description tomorrow. I'll also put Eagle up.)

  97. (Can u update mine too??)
    Ashstripes helped Spottedstar down on her nest gently. He made sure to prop her shoulder in a way as not to hurt it.
    "Ashstripes... I lost one of my lives. I have eight left." Spottedstar meowed.
    "That's not a big deal. I only have one. You have eight." Ashstripes replied.
    "Yes but I am breakable easiy." Spottedstar meowed.
    Ashstripes licked her ear. "You know that's not true. Most likely, I will be gone before you."
    "I remember my father telling me a story about the great leader Silverstar. He led BreezeClan through a really tough time. His mate was dieing of greencough. He prayed to StarClan to save her. They told him the only way to save her was to give her one of his lives. He knew he was on his last life so he said fine. He would let her live while he watched her for StarClan." Spottedstar said.
    Ashstripes snuggled in next to her. "i would never ask you to do that for me." He assured her.
    "Are you kidding? I want you around as long as I am." Spottedstar purred. "But try not to die too often."
    "I try my best." Ashstripes meowed licking her neck.


  98. (I DONT PLAN ON DIEING! that was just a clever story line i didnt want to have it actually happen k?)
    Badgerstripe walked into the den.
    "Ashstripes. You know the rule. Mate and family only so please get on out." Badgerstripe said.
    "Badgerstripe... He is my mate." Spottedstar explained.
    "Since when??" Badgerstripe asked.
    "What does it matter?" Spottedstar hissed.
    Ashstripes' ears twitched his ears. "If it's that big of a deal I can get out." He stood up and exited the den.
    "Nice going." Spottedstar spat.
    Badgerstripe chewed up a few herbs and padded them onto her shoulder.


  99. (Lol! And, yeah, I'll update your thing too. I gotta leave soon, I'll do it there.)

    I sighed with relief as the herbs were placed on my wound.
    "What did you see when you lost you life?" Badgerstripe asked.
    "Oh, the usual," I murmured. "Leafstar, Redfire, Silverflare, Flameriver, Waterfrost, and Crestmoon. They just talked to me, said that Mistwing doesn't beieve in StarClan, the works. So I guess I can leave now?"
    "Go ahead," he muttered. "But quickly take these poppy seeds, and come back if it hurts again."

  100. Dawnflight and Foxtalon hurried back to camp to infrom everyone.
    - Foxy



  102. (I'm gonna pretend they aren't here yet. . . .)

    Mistwing stared at Spottedstar, guilt wrenching her heart.
    'It's my fault she lost a life,' she thought miserably. 'I know it, she knows it. . . it's my fault. At least Lunarshade got away in time. That rabbit thing she claimed, I wonder. . . . . Was it true? And what patrol was she on?'

    Lunarshade crept away from camp, hoping no one noticed her. She ran across the territory and down to the lake. She crossed over to ShadeClan territory, shivers running up and down her spine.
    "The deed is done, Darkstar," she called softly. "Spottedstar got hit by a horse and lost a life. Please don't hurt Eaglestrike now, I'm begging you!"
    "Oh, he won't be hurt." A cold voice came from the shadows, and a dark furred cat stepped into the light. "Now you'd better help me with something else, or Mistwing gets a chat with StarClan." Lunarshade's eyes widened with horror.
    "No!" she gasped. "You can hurt me, torture me all you want, take my very soul and stuff it with dirt, but you need to BACK AWAY from my Clanmates!" (That's her weakness, her friends. Like Percy Jackson's fatal flaw.) Darkstar chuckled with malice.
    "I see we have found your flaw, my dear," he growled menacingly. "Now, if you want Mistwing to continue with life, bring me your Clan's herb stock. If you tell ANYONE, Mistwing AND Ravenpelt are dead."
    "Ravenpelt?!" Lunarshade squeaked. "Darkstar, please, stop this madness! Take me instead, don't hurt them!"
    "I'll see you here at moonhigh tomorrow with the herbs. Or else." And with that, he gave a crazy laugh and turned away.

  103. Lunarshade couldn't let this torture carry on. She grabbed Eaglestrike and took him into the forest.
    "Eaglestrike. Darkstar is trying to use me. I need you to keep me strong. He says if I dont bring our clan's herb supply, Mistwing and Ravenpelt will die. I cant stand this." Lunarshade meowed.
    It took a moment for Eaglestrike to take it all in.
    "I th-think you n-need someon-one to ke-keep you str-strong. I can b-be th-that pers-person." Eaglestrike stuttered.
    Lunarshade licked his face. "THANK YOU THANK YOU!!"


  104. Lunarshade looked around, hoping no ShadeClan cat saw that she had told Eaglestrike. She relaxed and ran back to camp, her heart beating with terror. Darkstar would kill every cat that she cared about, especially Eaglestrike. Lunarshade squeezed her eyes shut, trying not to imagine all the torture and pain that awaited her friends.
    'Not if I can help it,' she thought.

  105. Eaglestrike stared after her then began to walk back to camp.
    'now you've got someone of your own...' he thought. He smiled to himself and caught a vole before actually heading back to camp.

    (as i said before, my dweeb of a cousin isnt answerin his phone so im postin as him for the time being. lol)

  106. (I wasn't sure wut was going on O_O)
    - Foxy

  107. Spottedstar (don't feel like signing in)January 22, 2012 at 7:05 PM

    (Well, Lunarshade is being threatened by Darkstar to do stuff for him. She mislead Spottedstar to go to the HorsePlace where she lost a life by being hit by a horse. Then when Lunar went to tell him he told her Mistwing and Ravenpelt would die if Lunar didn't bring him BreezeClan's herb stock. So yeah.)

  108. Ravenpelt/ DawnflightJanuary 22, 2012 at 8:08 PM

    Wow. Not sure what to post.

  109. From that moment on, Eaglestrike was plastered to Lunarshade's side. She was supposed to go meet Darkstar but she had skipped. She wasnt his puppet anymore.
    "Thanks." Lunarshade said.


  110. i dunno what to post. ._. lol im a fail.

  111. Lunarshade was still fearful for Mistwing and Ravenpelt's safety, so she went to her old meeting place with Darkstar.
    "Darkstar!' she called sharply. "I am no longer your servant. My Clanmates will stay safe! For I am strong now, and I have now realized that you cannot hurt my Clanmates."
    "Very nice." A sly voice filled with malice sounded from the shadows and Darkstar stepped into the moonlight. "I see i no longer have mental control over YOU. But I think another one of your Clanmates will fall over himself to help me." And with that he gave a battle cry and many cats jumped on Lunarshade, clawing her and hissing. She gave a moan of agony and the cats stepped away. The world became blurry, and the last thing she saw was Darkstar standing over her with a look of pure madness.

  112. Lunarshade stood up from her faint and kicked Darkstar in the mouth. Blood and teeth fell to the ground.
    "You have no control over BreezeClan." She hissed.


  113. Lunarshade gasped as he gave a menacing growl and towered over her.
    "Oh, you do not know my influences," he hissed. He clawed her across the face and she passed out cold. Darkstar gave a maniacle cackle and ordered his warriors to drag her to camp.


    Lunarshade woke up after being shaken awake. She was bloody and bruised, and she felt the world spin. She sat up and noticed that everything was dark.
    "Where am I?" she whimpered.
    "You are in a cave in ShadeClan camp," a voice answered, "Darkstar hopes to get some tom in your Clan, Eaglewing, I think, to do things for him. He holds the threat of your death over that Eagle guy's head. I'm Wolfwhisper, former member of StreamClan. Over there, she doesn't like newcomers, is Foxchase of LightningClan. Darkstar does this to alot of she-cats, myself included. He blackmailes them with death threats and he says he'll harm your kits if you have any. He had to replace Grassheart after she comited sucuide."
    "Grassheart?!?" Lunarshade asked in horror. "She used to be a member of BreezeClan!"
    "Yeah," Wolfwhisper replied. "She killed herself. I think either myself or Fozchase might already be on the road to madness." She sighed. "I hate being in this prision. Darkstar will come and pound you for info soon." Foxchase let out a hollow laugh.
    "I was brought here with my Clanmate, Ravenfeather," she said softly. "Ravenfeather refused to tell anything, and she was killed. Sometimes I think she didn't say anything to protect me. There was limited information for us to share."
    "That's- that's," Lunarshade stuttered.
    "What color is your fur?" Foxchase asked randomly. "Mine is sleek red. Or used to be, anyway. It might be gray now for all I know. My eyes are a dull green, but they shine brightly in dark. Not pitch black though."
    "I have grayish silvery fur and green eyes." Wolfwhisper murmured.
    "I have silky silver fur and watery blue eyes," Lunarshade said softly.
    "Yo, Lunarcat! Get you butt out here, Darkstar wants you!" A random voice of a tomcat sounded from above her.

  114. Lunarshade used her complexion to blend into the dark cave.
    "Where is Lunarbutt?!" The tomcat howled.
    "Not here. She's gone. You mangy butt-heads wont find her!" Foxchase snarled.
    Lunarshade stood completely still. She couldnt move. It would be her death sentence.


  115. "Well I smell some other cat in there," the tom hissed, "And i think you two are lying to me again!" he marched into the whole and dragged Lunarshade out by her scruff.

  116. Eaglestrike stumbled out of Dirt (i cant remember what they call it lol) half-asleep. "n-no more mice b-before bed." he muttered, when something caught his attention. Lunarshade scent was leading out of camp. "w-what the?" he murmered, wide awake now. He followed her scent to where she would meet Darkstar and stopped. "huh..... w-whered she go?" he said to himself when a cat leaped at him from behind and knocked him out with a single blow to the sid of the neck. He managed a grunt as he fell over, and his attacker dragged him to the Shadeclan camp.

    (it needed Eaglestrike now. lol)

  117. Eaglestrike woke up beside Lunarshade.
    "Oh thank StarClan!" She meowed when he opened his eyes.
    "W-Why?"Eaglestrike asked.
    "You can help us get out!!" Lunarshade explained.


  118. "I just got interrogated by Darkstar for information on BreezeClan," Lunarshade whispered.

    (What can you do when you got n inspiration?)

  119. Eaglestrike cocked his head and gt to his paws. he was really stiff and he guessed he had been layin there for a while.
    "s-so how exactly c-can i help get us out?" he asked, still confused. he knew they were the shadeclan camp, he knew himself and Lunarshade werent alone in the cave-thingy (lol idk where theyre at. lol FAILURE. haha). He smelled more cats, about 4-5 more. all of them were she-cats. "what d-do you, or how do y-you want me to get us out? and please tell m-me that you know what your going t-to do." he added.

  120. "Oh we do. You are getting out of this cave and rolling in dung. Then you come back and say you are from a Tribe and have heard of this great clan. Then you will win their happiness. Then at night you let us free." Lunarshade meowed.


  121. Eaglestrike remained silent for a minute. "dung. y-you want me to roll i-in dung." he mewed, at last. "ok..... i guess. but, if this doesnt work i-im blamin you for it." he joked, smiling.


  122. Lunarshade showed him the fox dung right outside the hole. He reluctantly rolled in it.
    He raced out of the camp and into the woods.
    Two ShadeClan warriors saw him.
    "Hey! YOU!" One shouted.
    Eaglestrike pretended he didnt know who they were talking to. "M-me?" He asked.
    "Yes. We need warriors. Maybe you can help us." It was Darkstar.


  123. Really. Just,really.



    "I-i will j-join if you le-let me k-keep my Tri-tribe name." Eaglestrike meowed.
    "And that is?" Darkstar asked.
    Eaglestrike knew he couldnt do Eagle or it would be a dead give away. "Smock." He made it up.
    "Smock." Darkstar echoed.


  125. Lunarshade pressed herself against the cave wall, shivering with worry.
    "SMOCK?!?!" She heard a cat screech with laughter. Lunarshade's eyes grew wide.
    "Who's that?" Foxchase muttered. "Probably some idiot kittypet."

  126. lol Smock. ha-ThunderJanuary 26, 2012 at 4:57 PM

    'Smock' was led into the cave with all the others and was taught their names. He winked at Lunarshade when the warrior with him wasnt looking.
    "s-so thats all t-there is?" he asked, flicking an ear. "alright. so now w-what?" he added, seeing the flat expression on the cats face as they left the cave.

  127. "I trust you already. You will guard the prisoners tonight." Darkstar commanded. "Failure to keep them at bay will result in your death."
    Eaglestrike nodded. "I understand co-completely."
    Darkstar let out an evil smile. "You will benifit us."


  128. Lunarshade held her breath as Eaglestrike stood in front of the cave. She crept toward him, but he stiffined, turned around, and kicked her back. Everything from her heart to her eartips hurt. She gave a pleading whimper as he towered over her, claws unsheathed. He murmured, "I love you," and clawed her face. She gave a yowl and leapt back. Pain flashed in Eaglestrike's eyes and he turned back around.

  129. He was seriously going to have to watch how bad he hurt her. otherwise he wouldnt be able to live with himself. When he was sure that noone was there, he crept inside and slunk over to Lunarshade. He licked her face, where he had scratched her.
    "im sorry. b-but i had to because if i didnt we couldnt get outta h-here." he whispered softly in her ear. "now wake the others. i think its safe." he added, runnning his tail down her side as he crept back up to the entrance.

  130. He crept out of camp with the other three she-cats.
    Lunarshade was so happy he had helped her, she had forgotten about the bulging cut on her face.
    Foxchase and (whatever her name was) were dropped off at their territories.


  131. (You got her name right. The other one is Wolfwhisper.)

  132. Eaglestrike smiled as they neared Breezeclan territory.
    "almost h-home, Lunarshade." he whispered, grinning.
    He couldnt wait to get back into his own nest. He was tired. and he still stunk from the dung he had had to roll in.

  133. "Why dont you wash off in the river?" Lunarshade suggested.
    "Of-ofcourse." Eaglestrike submerged into the water. He shook himself and came back up.
    "Better?" Lunarshade asked.
    Eaglestrike nodded.
    They walked into the BreezeClan camp and were greeted by all their friends.


  134. Thunderstrike tackled his cousin and let him up.
    "where the heck did you go?!" he questioned, even though he had a pretty good idea of where both of them had been.
    "S-Shadeclan camp. we took a couple friends back to where they belong b-before coming back home." Eaglestrike explained.
    "im glad your back." Thunderstrike purred, putting a paw on his cousins head.
    Eaglestrike laughed. "me t-too."

  135. Ashstripes hurried out of Spottedstar's den to greet his cousin.
    "I-i missed y-you all." Eaglestriek stuttered.
    Thunderstrike smiled and hurried ot go hunting with Ravenpelt.


  136. "Clan meeting!" I yowled, jumping onto the High Tree (which is a large tree that bends over camp, providing shade. I just made it up). "All cats old enough to catch their own rabbit, join under the High Tree for a Clan meeting!"
    "Can we come?" the kit squeaked. I smiled at them.
    "Stay with your mothers," I said. (lol, we have no queens. I'll make some in uno momento.)
    "Okay," I continued. "As most of you know, I am expecting kits. When I move into the nursery, Rainwater will take over the duties of leader, and Thunderstrike shall take on the role of acting deputy. Also, as most of you know, Badgerstripe has died. He fell-...... He committed suicide and jumped into the ravine." My voice shook with grief. "We shall hold vigil for him tonight. Moonpaw has taken over the role of senior medicine cat. She was visited by StarClan, warning her of Badgerstripe's death. She... ummm... will be trained in her dreams. Clan meeting dismissed."

    1. Only way I can post is on a reply... sorry..

      Spottedstar turned and buried her face in Ashstripes' fur.
      "I'm so sorry Spotsy." He meowed.
      Spottedstar sniffled. "I know I shouldn't miss him like this. He was just a medicine cat... Or was he... He was like my dad while I was growing up."
      "That's what's gross about it. He was a warrior when you were a kit and still fell in love with you." Ashstripes spat.
      "Love doesn't discriminate." Thunderstrike mewed.


  137. I stared at Ashstripes.
    "Ash...." I said softly. "I loved Badgerstripe like a brother. That's all. He was my closest friend. I could trust him with anything and he could help me with my problems. I knew that he didn't like you when you came, and I thought that was because some random loner came out of the blue and I mated with him. Now I know the true meaning. I never once thought once of loving him the way he loved me. And.... I know you think that him being almost as old as my dad. I can't really say much on the matter. I love you, Ashstripes. I'm not sure if the rivalry between you and Badgerstripe is over now that he's gone, but I'm just happy it wasn't you that fell into the ravine."
    "Hey Spottedstar!" Moonpaw called. "Come over here, I need to check you over." I nodded to her and glanced at my mate.
    "Be right back," I told him.


    In the medicine den, Moonpaw had me lay down on some moss and flip onto my back.
    "Okay," she began. She felt my stomach and grimanced. "Three. One is very VERY weak, the other two are healthy. I think you'll have them in half a moon, most likely less. They're coming early for sure."

    (Ash, I have a plan for the weak kit. Please don't intervene, it'll be fine. So, please clarify. The names (I think) we agreed on were:
    Firekit (she-kit)
    Swiftkit (tom)
    and (this one is the weakest) Lionkit (tom)
    If I got any wrong, just reply.)

  138. PLEASE don't make it a Tigerstar situation where the healthy kits get sick and die,but the weak one becomes bloodthirsty,power-hungry,and a total
    Why is 'Fire' becoming so popular? I was the only one with that little charm when I first joined. Ah,the good old days when we had Wolfshadow,Dragonpaw,and Firestar Lives On Forever. (Sorry. I was thinking out loud.)

    Firestar Lives On Forever (Firemoon)
    Just for the sake of dusty,unused names. Lol.

  139. Dude. It's not a Tigerstar situation where the healthy kits get sick and dies, but the weak one becomes bloodthirsty, power-hungry, and a total butthole situation. I'm smart and I got it all planned out. Hehe. Evil laugh.....

  140. (You did good on the names. Swiftkit is a girl though and I want her warrior to be Swiftfall =D)
    "What?! What does that mean??!!!" Spottedstar asked. She wanted all her kits to be healthy.
    "I cant help it now. This kit has to make sure it does ok. I cant help it." Moonpaw mewed.
    "Ashstripes!! What will i tell him?!" Spottedstar questioned.
    Moonpaw shrugged. "He's your mate. You figure it out and tell him."
    Spottedstar stood up and walked out and tried to find Ashstripes.


  141. (Kk. I'm not sure what to tell you, can you post that?)

  142. (Yup yup =D)
    Ashstripes returned to camp with a variety of pink flowers in his jaws.
    "For my lovely mate." He smiled setting them at Spottedstar's paws.
    Spottedstar smiled weakly.
    "So tell me. How did it go? Kits healthy?" Ashstripes asked.
    "Yes. And no. There is one kit that is very weak. Moonshine cant help that kit. The other two are fine." Spottedstar explained.
    "Oh....." Ashstripes trailed off.
    "I'm sorry Ash." Spottedstar muttered.
    "You couldn't have done anything. It's StarClan's will that this kit be this way." Ashstripes meowed. He kicked a bit of dust up with his front paw.
    "The flowers are lovely." Spottedstar mewed picking them up in her teeth.
    Ashstripes smiled. "I'm gonna go find Greypaw and Riverpaw. StarClan only knows where they've been."


  143. (MoonPAW. Not Moonshine, MoonPAW.)

  144. (Now MoonFOOT. Hehe, I just gave her her medicine cat name on medicine den.)

    I smiled at him.
    "Thank you for the flowers. And good luck finding those two!"
    I walked back to my den and called Moonfoot over.
    "Yeah?"he asked.
    "Come talk with me," I invited. "Ashstipes left, trying to find Greypaw and Riverpaw."


    A quater moon later.....

    I walked out of my den to the fresh-kill pile. My stomach felt heavy and my gut hurt. I was going to have my kits soon. Suddenly something inside me snapped and I yowled in alarm. Moofoot rushed over, her eyes glazed over.
    "Three," she murmured. "Three shall come to the Clan of wind." I stared at her, concered, but doubled over as spasms racked my body.
    "Someone get Ashstripes!" I hissed through gritted teeth. Lunarshade ran out of camp, looking for him.

    (Will post more later.)

  145. After a few more wails of pain, three small bundles of joy lay in the moss, being suckled by me. Two she-kits and a tom.
    "They're beautiful," Ashstripes meowed. He had come in after the second one. "Any name ideas?"
    I smiled and gently laid my tail on the little gray one. "Swiftkit."
    Ashstripes gingerly did the same to the second one, a little orange she-kit with the same dappled pelt as me. "Firekit," he mewed, "After you." I smiled weakly back. The last kit was a weak and sickly tom.
    "he's so tiny," I whispered.
    "Which is why his name is Lionkit," Ashstripes said strongly. "For the mighty cats who once roamed in the place of our Clans."

    (Lionkit's gonna die. : ( I'm gonna post his death. X( So, don't post anything of that sort.)

  146. Ashstripes licked Spottedstar's head.
    "Our tom looks like you." Spottedstar purred.
    Ashstripes beamed with pride. "Well, Firekit looks like you. Swiftkit has my coat but most likely your eyes."
    Spottedstar smiled lapping at her kits really quick.
    "I love them all." Ashstripes mewed.


  147. I smiled at Ashstripes.
    "You'll be a great father, you know," I murmured. "And all three of them will undoubtedly have your bravery and courage." Suddenly I was exausted. Moonfoot rushed in and shooed Ashstripes out. She sat down next to me and her eyes glowed.
    "Three," she said, staring at the kits. "Three shall come to BreezeClan."
    "Moonfoot?" I asked, protectively shielding my kits with my tail.
    "Two will have the power of the stars, and one shall perish...."
    "No!" I gasped. I had known my friend's 'crazy mutterings' to be true, but this was over the top in disaster.
    "Spottedstar," Moonfoot continued in that ominous voice. "Your kits will one day have the power of the stars."
    "What?" I asked. Her eyes died down and she snapped into focus.
    "How are you feeling?" she asked, as if nothing had happened. I swallowed.
    "Tell me the truth," she persisted.
    "Exausted." I admitted. She smiled.
    "Good. Now, have you named them yet?'
    "Swiftkit, Firekit, and Lionkit," I listed, gently touching each kit in turn. Moonfoot inspected the kits slowly. She sighed with grief when she came to Lionkit.
    "He's sickly," she told me. "I hate to say it, but it's most likely that he'll die within this moon, if not two." I fell to the ground in horror.
    "Please! StarClan, help my son!!"

    (Okay, I am OFFIACALLY posting Lionkit's death. It'll be dramtic and depressing, and I have plans for the aftershock. *rubs hands together in evilness* My master plan is unfolding! MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!! Cough, cough. Okay, I'm good.)

  148. My scary story begins back when I was twelve years old. I was babysitting two little girls for my next store neighbor every night while the mother worked. Not so scary, right? Except for the fact that none of the house windows locked at all. In spite of this, I still felt safe knowing my family was a stones throw away, so I agreed to watch watch them on a regular basis.

    There was one night where the mother left me in charge of her two daughters, as well has her friend’s daughter and a rebellious bratty eight year old. I told the parents I could handle it, locked the doors behind them and got the girls entertained in a puzzle in the front room. Kelby, the boy was in the back playroom with the door shut, mad at me because I wouldn’t allow him outside.

    It was about two hours later, after the sun had set and the darkness was upon us that I heard a door in the back of the house open. That’s strange, I thought. It hadn’t sounded anything like the sound the poorly fitting playroom door makes.

    “Kelby?” I hollered.

    No response.

    I wandered into the kitchen where I could view the back door as it was flying open. Kelby had spent the whole night prior trying to pester me, so I thought this was just one of his tricks. It was at that moment, when I glanced to the playroom door and noticed it was STILL CLOSED, that I started to panic.

    My eyes flickered back in fear just in time to watch the screen door slamming shut. And I realized that earlier that day, I had locked both deadbolts and the screen door FROM THE INSIDE.

    Kelby had never opened the door.

    Someone else had been in the house with us.

    I did the only thing I could think of and called my mom, who promptly came over with…*drumroll please*

    a pair of scissors for protection.

    Oh and to make things worse? The grandpa of these kids had died in that home, and I swear it was haunted. I’d wake up during the middle of my babysitting shift (I babysat from 4PM to 2AM) and things would literally be moved from where I last left them. “Jack” as a ghost apparently liked to move things around and turn the TV and radio on and off. I could even hear him walking over the creaky floorboards at the exact same time every night – 2:30 sharp. I eventually quit babysitting there, that place gave me the creeps!

    I just randomly found this online, SO FREAKY!!!

  149. Ya seriously.... So onto Lionkit's death?!


  150. Lionkit was the sweetest kit ever. He had a soft golden pelt and bright green eyes. Swiftkit and Firekit were lively and hyper, while Lionkit was calm and peaceful. He was sick, however, and got weaker everyday. I spent all my time in the nursery with my childern, and Rainwater excused Ashstripes from partols most of the time. One day, Lionkit didn't get up. He laid next to me, his body limmp and cold. A coyote on the moor howled. I perked up my ears, wondering whether to wake the Clan or let it slide. Tears came to my eyes as I recognized the sound of pain and loss in the howl. It was a mother, and she was howling for her pup. I fell to the ground in despair.
    "Lionkit," I wailed softly. "Lionkit, where are you? Why have you left me?" I wrapped my tail around his body and pulled it closer to my chest, as if he was still alive.
    As if his spirit had not left me.


    I stood on the highest rise on the moor where a fresh patch of unearthed dirt lay. Lionkit's burial had taken place earlier that moon, and my heart still ached with grief.
    "Lionkit!" I wailed to the moon. "Why? First Badgerstripe, my closest friend, and now you, my kit! Why have you left me?"
    Suddenly, the stars swirled and formed a shape in front of me. It was Lionkit, heathy and strong.
    "Mother," he said. "I know you are drowning in pain and sorrow. When you miss me, please remember." He stood up straight and faced me.
    "Do not stand by my grave and weep;
    I am not there. I do not sleep.
    I am a thousand winds that blow;
    I am the diamond glint on snow.
    I am the sunlight on ripened grain;
    I am the gentle autumn rain.
    When you awake in the morning hush,
    I am the swift uplifting rush
    Of quiet birds in circled flight.
    I am the soft star that shines at night.
    Do not stand by my grave and cry
    I am not there;
    I did not die."
    Tears came to my eyes for the millionth time that day and I ran up and embraced my son.
    "I have missed you so much, Lionkit," I whispered. "Thank you. I now know that you have not left me. You will always be watching me from the stars." A playful glint came into my eyes. "And watch out from your sisters when they become apprentices, okay? They'll need it."
    "Will do." he said, then walked back to the stars.

  151. Ashstripes appeared from the bushes. "Spotsy..." He mewed.
    The tears came to her eyes so quickly. She ran to him and embraced him.
    "Oh Ash! He's really gone!" Spottedstar wailed.
    Ashstripes licked her neck. "I'm so sorry."
    Spottedstar cried even more. Her mate's first and only son was dead. Was there something she could have done? No. She promised herself his death was unpreventable.


  152. Holy fluff,that was deep. I was seriously crying. Wow.


  153. Well, I got that poem thing on a funeral card I found in my hynmnal at church last week. It really touched me, so I used it for Lionkit's death thing. Although it didn't have an author name, I lay no claim to it at all. I DID NOT WRITE IT.

  154. With all the sadness in camp, Foxtalon felt depressed and sad.
    He saw Dawnflight in the clearing as he camp out of the warriors den. She looked how he felt.
    He padded over to her. "Want to take a walk with me? You look like you need it more then I do."
    She nodded and got to her paws.
    Dawnflight turned her head to see Spottedfire remaining kits playing by the nursery.
    'Maybe we could have kits one day, it will make us happy' he thought.
    - Foxy

  155. Dawnflight yawned and leaned on Foxtalon, not at all feeling shy.
    "I'm lonely." She said softly, padding at the grass in the open.

  156. (I'm SO glad BreezeClan is getting posts again!)

  157. Foxtalon leaned closer to Dawnflight.
    "I feel like I've known you all my life," he murmured. "But I would've remembered a beautiful cat like you Dawnflight."

  158. Foxtalon and Dawnflight came home to an abanded camp with bodies littering the ground.
    "What?!" Dawnflight, yelled outraged.
    "Help...." Foxtalon heard someone murmur.
    "Someone is still alive," Foxtalon meowed.

  159. "Help..." Ravenpelt whispered from next to me. I think only she and I were alive. I because of my nine lives (now two) and she because Thunderstrike had sacrificed himself for her.
    "Who's still alive?" Foxtalon asked softly.
    "Me," I said, carefully getting up.
    "Same," Ravenpelt murmured weakly.
    "What in the name of StarClan happened?!"

  160. "So many foxes...." Spottedfire murmured. "They killed everyone! There is no more BreezeClan!!!" she wailed.
    Dawnflight put her paw on their leaders side. "She's very weak."
    Foxtalon was near Ravenpelt. "So is she."
    "Do you know what we should do?" Dawnflight whispered.

  161. Suddenly there was a cough and a grunt as Thunderstrike dragged himself out from under a dead fox.
    He slumped once he was free of it. He was covered in wounds, some worse than others.
    "get as far away from here as possible. There're more foxes. the smart ones got away, but only to pick us off later, I think. So if we want to stay alive we should get away now." he croaked, struggling onto his paws.

  162. Foxtalon nodded. "I know where we could go but we need to check for anymore survivers. Dawnflight nodded and went to check around camp.
    Spoddedstar looked up with pledding eyes. "Where will you take us?" she asked weakly.
    "DuskClan," he murmured.

  163. Thunderstrike was exhausted. The fox had seemed to weigh a ton and it took all of his remaining strength just to get out from under it. but he shook himself off, grimacing at the pain it caused him, and pushed everything to the back of his mind.
    "then lets go." he muttered.