Medicine Den

Here, the medicine cats can post whatever's happening. It's the perfect little place for herbs and StarClanlyness.


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  2. Fine, I'll start. I should've known this page wouldn't get many story posts or views. Argh.

    It was a dark night. I was restless, so I decided to take a walk on the moor. As I wandered around, the breeze soft and cool on my face, a starry figure appeared in my path.
    "Hello, Spottedstar," the cat said, the light still blinding. "I have come to warn you. A unruly group of rouges is coming towards the territories. They plan to take over, and you must send a quest out to intercept the cats and chase them out. They will arrive in a moon. Farewell, daughter." The light faded and I saw the silver fur my mother, Crestmoon. Her soft blue eyes shone with wisdom, and I cried out for her to stay. She left, and I sat on a small rock. My mother, who died to protect me in the first rouge attack. I ran back to camp, memories swirling in my heart.

  3. As usual, Ashstripes had waited up for her.
    "Oh thank StarClan you're awake, Ashstripes. My mother and father appeared to me..." Spottedstar mewed.
    Ashstripes' eyes grew wide. "Dead cats can do that?" He asked.
    His humor made her feel alittle bit better. She sat down next to him in the middle of camp.
    "Ashstripes. We have evening patrol." THunderstrike pulled him away.
    "Awwwww do i have to?!" Ashstripes whined.
    He winked a good-bye to Spottedstar and again she was alone.


  4. (here we go. and if anyone has any objections speak now or forever hold your peace. lol)

    Shardkit yawned and stretched as he walked over to his corner of the nursery. he had a large stick and several feathers and moss balls around.
    "hey, anyone who cares, who wants to play a game of moss ball? or we could play somethin else." he shrugged, jumping onto the stick which flumped on one side while the ther stuck up in the air.

  5. (Everyone, forget my crapshot story. It was a lame attemp at a story, so just forget it.)

  6. (It's ok!)
    Mistwing and Purewhisker watched the kits play intently. They LOVED the kits so much.
    Foxtalon and Dawnflight licked eachother's heads. They were in love for sure.
    Rainwater ran back into camp with three squirrels dangling from her jaws.
    BreezeClan was doing well.


  7. Thunder/Willow/CrowJanuary 29, 2012 at 6:11 PM

    (alrighty. those two story starters were epic failures. hopefully this one will be better. :)-

    Willowpool sat in the forest at Sunset Grove (thats what it is, right? i cant remember. lol anywho) all alone. She imagined Reedwhisker sitting next to her. His warm fur pressed against hers... she snapped back into reality as Crowtalon stepped into view.
    She appeared slightly disappointed that it was him.
    He wasnt surprised. what was he, an underdog, compared to the handsome, charming, wonderdog, Reedwhisker. The name brought fresh anger and despair into Crowtalons heart.
    "hey... why are you out here by yourself?" he asked, sitting down beside her.
    She shrugged and looked at her paws. "i dunno..." she trailed off.
    "come on. its gettin late. lets head back to camp, shall we?" he mewed, flickin his tail against her ear.
    Willowpool reluctantly nodded and got to her paws.
    Crowtalon smiled and led her back to camp.
    It was absolutely murder for him to be so close to her yet be so far apart. Reedwhisker better give her what she deserves, and be true to her unless he wanted to deal with Crowtalon upfront and personal.

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  11. Moonpaw walked alongside Yellowfang, an ancient LightningClan medicine cat.
    "You have come in your training for such a short time," the old cat told Moonpaw. "StarClan has recently decided to give you your full medicine cat name."
    "What?!?" Moonpaw exclaimed. "I've been training for only ten or eleven moons!!"
    "Yes," Yellowfang agreed. "You are very young. But even without StarClan as your mentor, you are VERY talented. Come. Nightstar, Mistystar, Firestar, and Blackstar have just called a Clan meeting." Moonpaw padded after her as Yellowfang walked to a large pool.
    "Cats of StarClan!!" Firestar called. "Moonpaw has trained very hard and has earned her full medicine cat name." He stepped aside as Badgerstripe and Spottedleaf walked up.
    "Moonpaw," Badgerstripe began. "You have worked very hard. I am ashamed that I did not have the courage to continue living. I wish to thank you for continuing the job of a medicine cat."
    "Moonpaw," Spottedleaf said. "You are a wise cat. You have chosen the path of a medicine cat, and you know how this has limited your life. You cannot take a mate or have kits, and you can never be a warrior or leader. But your Clan is your family now. From this day forward you shall be known as Moonfoot. StarClan shines brightly upon you. May you live to serve your Clan for a long time."

  12. Badgerstripe was not planning on explaining what had been his demise. He never wanted to tell another soul.
    "Why did you die?" Moonpaw asked.
    Badgerstripe hesitated. "Love Moonpaw. It's a curse to a medicine cat." He meowed.
    Moonpaw gasped. "I was right! You and Spottedstar!"


  13. Badgerstripe rolled his eyes inwardly.
    'Well duh!' he thought scathingly. 'Most of the Clan knew before I snuffed it!!'
    "Moonfoot," he said aloud. "I love Spottedstar. And when I was on that cliff, picking marigold, I saw two options flash before my eyes. Option one, die and be with Spottedstar spiritually, not exactly the way I wanted to. Live, be with her, but be tortured by her mate, Ashstripes. You see, I now know that she only ever loved me as a brother, nothing more. And my biggest regret in life was that it took death to make me realized what she saw me as."

  14. Ivorykit, still skulking in the undershadows of the clan, walked unnoticed among the tall and senior warriors and into the sweet smelling annex of herbs and medicines. outside, her brother would be doing the same, hiding from all the penetrating stares of the elder warriors, to get into Spottedstar's den to ask her whether they could stay. Ivorykit shivered, fluffing her windflower scented fur into a mass of soft downy in the chill of early spring, and nuzzled at all the interesting leaves and berries laid out inside, but taking care to not eat any by mistake. She remembered when she was young, when she learned the basic knowledge of herbs and healing. She hoped that once she was old enough, Moonfoot would choose her to be the medicine cat apprentice. That is if Spottedstar let her and Bramblepaw stay.