Here, the queens can post about their daily lives as, well, queens. Births and interacting between the kits can also be posted.


  1. Ravenpelt yawned. She wanted a mate badly... she wanted to feel some connection towards someone! She felt lonely. There were little cats in Breezeclan and wished that some interesting friends would come in. She sighed.

  2. Thunderstrike walked in and she instantly got up and quickkly groomed herself. She couldn't let Thunderstrike get the feeling that she was messy. He laughed and she glared at his before joining him in the jollyness.

  3. "So, Thunderstrike, want to Share Tongues?" She asked, getting up to sit next to him already.
    "Sure!" He replied, getting a mouse for her as she stroked his back with her tail comfortingly. He closed his eyes. "Shadeclan has been really on our borders lately. We dont' have many warriors, so I'll have to be out there more often."
    "I... could come with you, you know, if you'd like." Ravenpelt said hastily. "I really don't have anything to do, but if you don't want me to I don't have to come."
    "I would love it if you'd come." Thunderstrike said gently.

  4. "Thank you. for uh.... coming with me? i guess thats why..." he mewed, flicking an ear and seriously thinking of why he had said thank you in the first place.
    Ravenpelt purred in amusement. Before she could say anything, Rainwater trotted up.
    "Thunderstrike, we need you to go on a hunting patrol." she mewed.
    He sighed, sitting up. "alright. whos comin?"
    "you can choose. most cats are out on patrol already, so you pick." she mewed, walking away.
    Thunderstrike looked at Ravenpelt.
    "will you come with me? everyone else looks busy." he mewed, looking around at the cats all laying down, or sharing tounges. they looked real busy, alright. He smiled.

  5. Ravenpelt shuffled her paws.
    'Stop doing that!!' She chided to herself. "I would love to come!" She said, getting up from grooming herself. She licked her lips. "The prey better watch out... we're coming to get them!" She teased lightly and Thunderstrike smiled as they raced out of the camp.

  6. "this time, I'M going to win!!" he laughed, speeding up as they got out of camp.
    "yeah, right! im going to win, and you know it!" Ravenpelt laughed, catching up to him.

  7. Ravenpelt saw Thunderstrike trip himself and laughed as she sped off into the woods, stopping for a mouse or two. Then, Thunderstrike came thundering through the woods.
    "Stop being so loud, silly!" She joked. "All the prey can here you!"
    Thunderstrike growled, suddenly going into a hunter's crouch and swiping at a rabbit.
    "Great catch!" Ravenpelt praised, trotting over to help him bury the rabbit. She wanted to lean into him and feel his warm fur on hers... but all she could do was drift her tail over him before she started shuffling her paws again.

  8. He laughed and sprang ahead, running again.
    "guess who's gonnna win!" he called, turning around and hopping backwards so he wouldnt fall.
    He grinned playfully and laughed again.

  9. Ravenplt growled lightly and sprang up beside him and raced into the trees, stopping briefly to swipe at a rabbit. She paused to see Thunderstrike watching her and she nervously smiled, feeling a hot sensation grow over her.

  10. His grin widened and he laughed good-naturedly again, before leaping over a bush and coming back again with a mouse in his jaws. He quickly buried it and checking that she was done, he sprinted off again, laughing the whole way.

  11. Ravenpelt/DawnflightJanuary 16, 2012 at 6:35 PM

    Ravenpelt smiled. she was liking him MORE and MORE as her time with him progressed. She caught up to him and growled as she saw he had already gotten another rabbit.
    "Who's getting the most prey NOW?" He teased, flicking his tail on her nose. She purred in delight as her purple eyes brought him to a halt and she circled him, her paws dancing over his. She then halted and their eyes met, swirling with different thoughts. And then Ravenpelt's feet shuffled, and Thunderstrike's ears burned, and they pulled away.
    "We've done enough hunting." Said Ravenpelt nervously. "Let's go back to camp."

    "You always go hunting with Thunderstrike nowadays." Complained Dawnflight. "What about hunting with your best friend??" She asked, whining.
    "Well he asks me to go hunting..." Ravenpelt answered Dawnflight, flicking her head from side to side as she watched Thunderstrike eat with his brother.
    "If you ask me, I think you have a crush on him!!" Sneered Dawnflight playfully.
    "What?" Ravenpelt said. "We're just... you know, friends!" She said, shuffling her paws.
    Dawnflight looked at Foxtalon and then quickly averted her gaze when he found her sight.

  12. Dawnflight and Foxtalon sat next to each other.
    "Hi." Dawnflight found herself flirting slightly.
    "How are you?" Foxtalon smiled.
    Dawnflight felt her heart thumping.

    "Brother!" Ashstripes rammed into Thunderstrike.
    "I have heard you and Spottedstar at night. You two sneak out alot." Thunderstrike meowed evily.
    "Thats nothing compared to you and Ravenpelt..." Ashstripes pinned his brother. "I win."


  13. Thunderstrike grinned and knocked Ashstripes backpaw from under him and pinned him easily.
    "i believe that i win." he said cooly, laughing as he let his brother up.
    "anyway, we dont sneak out. we just go hunting." he said defensively, but he cast a glance at Ravenpelt then returned his gaze to Ashstripes.
    "unlike two certain cats i know." he added, laughing again.

  14. Ashstripes growled. "stay out of me and Spottedstar! So WHAT we sneak out a lot? At least I don't have to whole clan watching me stare at ravenpelt's purple eyes!!"
    Thunderstrike swiped a sheathed claw at Ashstripes and he ducked.
    "So what? At least she HAS pretty eyes!!" he defended.

  15. "You did NOT just call my she-catfriend's eyes UGLY!!!" Ashstripes hissed.
    Thunderstrike let his head fall back and laugh. "We are just like we were when we were first born."
    Ashstripes laughed too. "Nothing's changed."
    "Well we are taller." THunderstrike puffed out his chest.


  16. "Not to mention the fact that im now taller, and BIGGER than you now." he said triumphantly, sitting aat his full height, showing that he wa at least half a head taller than Ashstripes now. "now whos gonna be teasing who." he laughed, referring how Bear and Ash always used to gang up on him and Paws and tease them about their small size.

    (ah, sibling rivalry. never fails lol. i do the exact same with my younger brother. LOL)

  17. (SAME HERE! My older siblings do that to me too!)
    Ashstripes tried to stretch up to be taller then Thunderstrike.
    "Not gonna happen." Thunderstrike laughed.
    Ashstripes flexed his legs. "Yes, but I am faster and more flexible." He said.
    Thunderstrike sighed. "You got me there." He stared at his older brother. Now that he looked at it, he was only 2-4 inches shorter. But Thunderstrike's muscles were larger.
    "So how is Raven?" Ashstripes asked.
    "Good...." Thunderstrike meowed.


  18. "so how you gonna try to uh......" Thunderstrike started to say but, as usual, losing his train of thought. "darn...." he growled in frustration. This was playing out almost exactly as it had when they were younger. Ashstripes would be teasing, Thunderstrike would start saying a real good retort, then he'd forget what he was sayin and end up forgettin all about Ash teasing him and become completely consumed in trying to remember what he was saying.

    (this happens to me ALL THE TIME. its ridiculousness!! lol)

  19. (LOL)
    Ashstripes hung his head back and laughed.
    "Dude, you seriously need to work on that." Ashstripes mocked.
    "Yah. Ravenpelt doesnt care..." Thunderstrike meowed.
    Ashstripes and Thunderstrike carried on like this.
    "Ravenpelt... YOu love her! THUNDER IS IN LOVE! THUNDER IS IN LOVE!" Ashstripes sang.


  20. "Shut up mouse brain!!" Hissed Thunderstrike, slapping his brother's mouth with his tail. Too late. Ravenpelt heard and she angled an ear over as she galloped over.
    "Greets Ashstripes and Thunderstrike!" She purred. "I heard me name over here..."

  21. "Heh.. heh... heh..." Ashstripes meowed.
    Thunderstrike shoved his brother down.
    "Were you talking about me?" Ravenpelt asked.
    Thunderstrike's ears grew hot. "Yes. BUT IN A GOOD WAY! I... I said your eyes were pretty."
    Ravenpelt smiled. "Really?"
    Thunderstrike nodded. Ashstripes stood up. He had to branches sticking up from his fur like antlers.


  22. Thunderstrike burst out laughing so hard he fell over on his side.
    "what?!" Ashstripes demanded, but Thunderstrike was laughing too hard to give an answer.
    "what is he laughin at?" he asked Ravenpelt.
    She laughed, and pinted with her tail to the "antlers" on Ashstripes head.
    "yeah. those," Thunderstrike managed to say after a couple minutes of catching his breath and laughing.

  23. "Oh." Ashstripes shook his head vigorously and the branches flew back into the bush.
    "Nice moves." A voice said behind him.
    "Spottedstar." Ashstripes purred.
    "So you two are going public now?" Thunderstrike meowed.
    "Yes. Slowly but now we are in public. No reason to hide." Spottedstar mewed.


  24. Larkpaw trotted up to Ashstripes.
    "can we go training now?" she asks, flicking an ear.

    (lol i got nothin else. epic failure.)

  25. (HAHAHAHA)
    Ashstripes nodded. He was excited to pass down everything he knew to this young cat.
    "How hard do you want to train?" He asked.
    "REALLY HARD! I wanna be the greatest warrior to ever live!" Larkpaw exclaimed.
    "Good. That means from this moment on you are willing to do what I say, even if you dont want to do it, if it makes you a better warrior in the long haul?" Ashstripes tested.
    "Ofcourse." Larkpaw insisted.
    Ashstripes let out a hardy laugh and the trotted to the training area.

    Riverpaw watch the vole intently. She was going to pounce on it when she smelled a familiar scent.
    "Greypaw." She meowed, smiling.
    "Darn it. How did you guess?" He asked, walking up to stand by her.
    "Well, you were downwind, you stepped on a twig, and i could hear you breathing." Riverpaw laughed.
    Greypaw chuckled. "What are you doing out here?"
    "I suppose I could ask you the same thing." She purred.
    (Can they be mates later on????)
    Greypaw sniffed the air. "Uh-oh. I smell Thunderstrike and Dawnflight! If they catch us, we could be in HUGE trouble!"
    The two friends climbed a tree and hid.


  26. Greypaw/ThunderstrikeJanuary 23, 2012 at 5:31 PM

    (yeppity doo dah. lol)
    Greypaw looked in between the two branches he was resting on and watched as his mentor walked right under him.

    "Greypaw. get down please." Thunderstrike said without even looking. "you too, Riverpaw." he added, smiling to himself.
    "darn it!! how did you know?!" Greypaw exclaims, sliding down the trunk of the tree.
    "i didnt, until you answered me. i knew you had been here recently. but not that you were still here." Thunderstrike explained, laughing.
    "oh. ..." Greypaw mews, dumbstruck. He flicked an ear and sat down, his tail neatly on his paws. "my bad..."

  27. Ravenpelt/DawnflightJanuary 23, 2012 at 7:24 PM

    Riverpaw laughed sweetly. Dawnflight yawned.
    "Apprentices... I missed those days. I'm off with Foxtalon guys. catch ya later!" Dawnflight trotted away.

  28. "Hey Windpaw!" I called to my apprentice. "Get your tail out here so we can train."
    "Coming!" he answered, trotting out of the medicine den.
    "What were you doing in there?" I asked suspisiously as we walked down to the training hollow.
    "Oh, visiting Moonpaw," he replied. "She's great to talk to. I also think she's lonely."
    "Oh..." I said. "Okay, time to train. Face me. Now, we are going to learn one on one combat. We are going to do this claws sheathed because we don't want any injuries. I'll go easy on you, don't worry." Windpaw nodded and faced me. "Start!" I called. He charged at me and I step sided, leaving him grasping at air. He spun around, but not before I had tackled him and pinned him down.
    "Okay," Windpaw gasped. "New tactic."
    "Yes," I replied. "You can't just use brute force, that's part of LightningClan's thing. We are the swift and cunning, we use our opponents' strength against them. Now try again."

  29. Ravenpelt walked near Thunderstrike. She drew her tail down his side as she walked.
    "Wanna go for a walk?" She asked.
    Greypaw and Riverpaw watched intently.
    "Do you two mi-"
    "Nope. Go have fun." Greypaw was anxious for more alone time with Riverpaw.
    "Ok!" Thunderstrike and Ravenpelt hurried away.
    "What do you want to do?" Riverpaw askes.
    Greypaw smiled. "I have a pretty good idea."
    He was gong to take her to Sunset Grove. It was the most romantic part of the territory. The lake sat right where it looked like he sun sank into it. It was close to sunset now, they woukd have to move fast.
    Riverpaw giggled. "I'm just glad I get some time with you."
    Greypaw fell into step with her. He face was bubbly and positive. He felt like he had known her forever.
    They reached Sunset Grove right as thhe sun set. Greypaw sat rig where he could watch the sun. Riverpaw took a seat a good foot away from him.
    "Why are you so far away?" He flicked his tail as a sign for her to come right next to him. She grinned and ran to his side. She snuggled in far enough their pelts brushed.
    "My mother would have loved it here." Riverpaw mewed.
    Greypaw licked her head repeatedly.


  30. Thunderstrike grinned and, taking his chances, he licked Ravenpelt on the cheek. His ears were burning and he felt sure that they were actually on fire. but he didnt care.

    Greypaw purred and scooted in so his pelt was pressed against hers and he licked her ear and smiled.
    "im just happy that your here, and with me." he grinned.

    (i got nothin else. lol fail.)

  31. Riverpaw purred. "I had hoped someone here liked me."
    Greypaw let out a mrrow of laughter. "Who could not like you? You're extremely pretty."


  32. "and your nice. and really pretty. and your a really good friend. seriously, who would NOT like you?! a complete mousebrain." he added, licking her in between the ears and purring. "my only question is, why would u like me, dont get me wrong though. i am very happy you do. that is, if you do." he mewed, flicking an ear.

  33. Riverpaw let her head rest on his shoulder.
    "I love the way you laugh. The way you smile. The way you always make something good out of a bad situation. I find it charming you are so polite. I enjoy talking to you because your so funny. Dont get me started on your looks because I drown in your eyes." She meowed.
    Greypaw felt her heart beating. This wasnt easy for her. At all. She needed reassurance.
    "Was.... was that lame?" Riverpaw asked.
    "No. It was extremely cute." Greypaw purred licking her muzzle boldly. She was positively radiant with happiness.


  34. He purred again, and bravely twined his tail with hers. The sun was almost completely down now. He was resentful for it. He never wanted it to end. he wanted this moment to last forever, but of course, that couldnt happen. wouldnt happen, rather.
    Taking his chances and his heart beating so loud he was sure that she could hear it, he put his muzzle to her ear and whispered, "i really like you. or, love you rather." he fumbled, and he grinned to cover up his embarrassment.

  35. Riverpaw smiled. "I love you too. Always have. Always will." She meowed.
    "Do you wanna go back to camp yet?" Greypaw asked.
    Riverpaw shook her head. "I wanna show you a romantic place I found."
    She raced away. Greypaw let his head fall back and he laughed. He followed her to a den under a tree.


  36. He laughed and tripped over his own paws as he went inside and he ended up laughing so hard his sides hurt.
    "what the heck was that?!" he laughed, struggling to controlhis laughter. "oh, look its my paw and whoops! i tripped over it!" he mocked himself, letting out a bark of laughter before finally regaining his breath and gaining control over his laughter.
    "well that was embarrassing." he grinned.

  37. Riverpaw licked his side. "I lived here for a little while. It was nice." She purred.
    "I bet it was. But being alone sounds awful." Greypaw replied.
    "Hey. This may seem crazy. But I think it's too dark to travel. Maybe we should stay the night here." Greypaw suggested.
    Riverpaw nodded. "Fine by me."


  38. Thunderstrike and Dawnlight paced the camp waiting for their apprentices to come back. It was the morning and they hadnt come home all night.
    Riverpaw and Graypaw strode into camp.
    "And where were you two??" Thunderstrike snarled.
    "We thought it was too dark to travel so we stayed in a tree trunk." Riverpaw explained.


  39. "how very nice of you. now come on. We're needed on a hunting patrol thats already left." Thunderstrike sighed, trotting out of camp.
    "ok. comin! bye Riverpaw!" Greypaw mewed, running out after his mentor.

  40. Riverpaw let out a sigh as he walked away. Dawnflight stared at her.
    "You shouldn't think of him like that already. You're too young." Dawnflight hissed.
    Riverpaw let out a growl. "I'm 5 moons into training and so is he. We will be warriors soon. There is no harm in started your relationship early."
    Dawnflight held her head high.
    "Alright then. We are going to battle train." Dawnflight hissed.


  41. *Hey I wanted to add some DRAMA to this relationship so here we goes!!!*

    The next moon...
    Riverpaw lunged at Dawnflight in her battle training. She felt her stomach lurch.
    "OWW!" Riverpaw cried as she collapsed to the ground.
    "I didnt touch you!" Dawnflight yowled.
    "I KNOW!! SOMETHING IS PUSHING ON MY STOMACH!" Riverpaw growled. She couldn't stand up.
    Dawnflight hauled Riverpaw on her back. She carried her to Moonfott who then pushed on Riverpaw's stomach repaetedly.
    "You're having kits. Now." Moonfoot stated while she rushed around to get herbs.
    Riverpaw gasped. "HOW?!"
    Dawnflight hissed. "The night you were with Greypaw."

    I want them to have one tom kit named Brookkit.

  42. I ment she-kit named Brookkit


  43. (lol alright. annnnnd then there could be a tom named Sparrowkit, and his warrior name could be Sparrowhawk. :)-

    Greypaw and Thunderstrike had just gotten back from hunting when Dawnflight rushed up to him.
    "yes?" he asked, when he had put his prey on the pile.
    Dawnflights voice came out as a growl when she spoke. "my apprentice, Riverpaw, is having kits. YOUR kits, Greypaw." she said.

    Greypaw's face went expressionless. this was not good. True, they both only had about 2 more moons of training, but why couldnt they have come then?!
    "o-ok. where is she?" he stammered, answered by a flick of Dawnflight's tail, he sprinted over to the medicine den where he found Riverpaw laying on her side with (idk how many kits. 2? depends on what Ashy wants. lol)

  44. -with one tiny little kit.
    "Oh River..... i'm so sorry I did this to you." Greypaw meowed.
    Riverpaw looked at her tiny kit. "I'm not upset." She replied.
    Greyoaw settled in next to her. "What shall we name her?"
    "Brookkit." Riverpaw mewed.
    Greypaw smiled. " I like it."


  45. Riverpaw's happiness faded "what about our training?"

  46. woah, everyone seems so lovely here :)
    Er, i'm going to have two characters here so mine doesn't grow up forever alone :) Okay, her name is Ivorykit, she is a small, long-furred grey she-cat with eyes that change from dark blue to green based on her mood. She has an older brother who will be an apprentice, his name is Bramblepaw and he is incredibly protective of Ivorykit :D