Ashstripes' Story

Okay, Ash requested a page for a story he wrote in GEAR class (whatever that is). So, I said I would make it, and here it is! Go ahead and start Ash.


  1. Prologue
    A soft light beamed at the end of a log tunnel.
    "Windfang. You are here." A voice said as a jet black tom emerged from the moss coated log.
    "Oh Redfeather you should have known he would come. This is important." A golden tabby repremended.
    Windfang shook out his coat. Raindrops flew off of it and stung Redfeather like stones.
    "What do we need to do here?" the tolden she-cat asked.
    "Ambergaze, there is a cat named Spottedstar down on Earth. She thinks her family is dead when thr truth is they are among her. Watching her every move." Redfeather explained.
    Windfang gasped. "But how? Bugstar and Flamepelt died MOONS ago!"
    Redfeather nodded. "She inks they are among us in StarClan. Tey didnt come here when they died dear brother."
    Ambergaze shook her head. "Impossible."
    Redfeather narrowed his eyes. "They have rekindled the Dark Forest. It is up to BreezeClan to stop them."


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  3. (they are in StarClan)
    Chapter 1
    Spottedstar stood at the River getting a drink. She heard a twig snap behind her. Ashstripes.
    "Miss me?" He asked padding to her side.
    "Desperately." Spottedstar joked licking his cheek.
    As Ashstripes bent down, he saw a black figure woth gleaming red eyes appear. He widened his eyes. It was gone.
    "Spotsy, did you see that black figure a moment ago?" Ashstripes asked.
    "What? No." Spottedstar licked her lips.
    Ashstrioes shrugged. Probably nothing. He lapped at the cold water. The Leaf-bare wind hit him hard. It felt like ice on his pelt.
    Then, he heard a whisper, 'Death doesn't seperate us.' He knew the voice. His own dead brother.


  4. "No....." Ashstripes muttered.
    "Did you say somethting Ash?" Spottedstar asked.
    "wha? Oh. No." Ashstripes mewed.
    Spottedstar shrugged. When she bent down to get more water, she heard something too.
    'Come to your father Spottedstar.' Was all the voice said.
    "Bugstar?!" She looked around for her father. He wasnt there.
    "Come on. Let's go back to camp." Ashstripes broke off into a run to get to camp safely.


  5. Chapter 2
    Ashstripes stretched outside of the medicine den. He was exhausted after a long day of hunting and the thought that someone was watching him added to the exhaustion.
    He padded into the den. Spottedstar was already asleep. He sank into his rightful spot next to her and drifted to sleep.
    All he had wished for was dreams of Spottedstar or prey but instead, he found himself in a dark alley.
    "Ash." A voice growled.
    Ashstripes turned to see his dead brother, Bear.
    "If it isnt the all mighty warrior who had awful honor." Bear snarled.
    Ashstripes turned to his horrible brother. He had been a total jerk ot him, but never enough to make him miserable.
    "Bear, i didnt want Sam. You are the father of her kits. Isn't that enough?" Ashstripes hissed.
    Bear grinned evilily. "All I ask, is that you join me in the Dark Forest. The Clans are over-rated. Spottedstar has family there." Bear insisted.
    "Never. I would never." Ashstripes blinked himself awake.
    Spottedstar opened her eyes. "Ash, you had a bad dream. You were muttering in your sleep."
    Ashstripes was panting and sweating. "A horrible dream." He confirmed.
    Spottedstar nuzzled back into their nest. "Go back to sleep. Maybe you will dream about our kits (they weren't alive at the time)."


  6. Chapter 3
    Spottedstar stalked the mouse diligently. She knew she would catch it if she made a swift move now but something was telling her not to. This mouse had a family somewhere.
    "Well, you gonna pounce on it or what?" A ginger tom said to her.
    "Am I dreaming? Who are you?" Spottedsar asked.
    "You're not dreaming. I'm Bugstar. Your father." The tom told her.
    Spottedstar took a step back. "But... you're dead...."
    "I know. Death doesn't mean that we cant talk every so often." Bugstar mewed.
    Spottedstar thought for a moment. "If it's so easy, why do you come now and not when I'm having problems?" She growled.
    Bugstar began to look worried. "You.. YOu wouldn't learn from them then now would you my dear?"
    Spottedstar bared her teeth. "Get. Out. Now."
    Bugstar didn't budge. "Spottedstar, all I ask is you join my forces in the Forest."
    Spottedstar swiped at his face and he was gone.


  7. Ash, read Self-Stories. My dad's name is Waterfrost and he's in StarClan.

  8. *I know! He's LIEING DUH!!!*
    Spottedstar snarled. "You are not my father. His name is Waterfrost. But don't think I don't know who you are."
    Bugstar threw her off him. "You know the story of my exile?! How YOUR FATHER ratted me out for taking the kits to a safer place during war time?!" He got to his paws and bared his teeth.
    "BreezeClan can care for its own young!" Spottedstar growled.
    Bugstar smiled eviliy. "Watch your back."

    (SEE!!! It all plays out >:D im a smart little devil huh?)

  9. Chapter 4
    Ashstripes sat high in the oak tree. He didn't know what was up with Spottedstar these days. She was shaky, nervous, and anxious. He didn't want her to live in fear like this.
    Suddenly a starry figure was at his side.
    "Hello Ashstripes. My name is Crestmoon." The cat said.
    "You're Spottedstar's mother correct?" Ashstripes asked as if seeing StarClan cats was an everyday occurrence.
    "Yes. And you are her mate. The dark forest wants to recruit her. If they get her, they will have BreezeClan. You must stop it." Crestmoon mewed.
    Ashstripes gasped. "My brother, Bear, tried to get me to join three nights ago."
    "I know. Whatever you do, don't join that legion. It would wrong the code." Crestmoon meowed.
    Ashstripes nodded. "I will do my best."
    And with that, Crestmoon disappeared and Ashstripes climbed down the tree.


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  12. (Kk!)

    I walked warily through a forest. The forest was dark and damp, mildew coating nearly every available surface. I then decided it was the Dark Forest and I was dreaming.
    "Hello, my dear." Bugstar came through some shadows and greeted me with a hiss.
    "Hi," I replied calmly. "And in case you're wondering, I WILL NEVER JOIN YOU!!!!"
    "Thought so," he sneered. "But seriously, do think about it. Darkstar's here. We're trying to get Dovestar and Icestar, but it's proving difficult. And I think you know that if we have a leader here, we have-"
    "Hey! Bugstar! Who are you talking to?" a massive brown tabby with amber eyes burst through the shadows, his eyes glinting with malice and cruelty.
    "Oh, I see we have a guest," he said when he saw me. "And a leader at that. How... surprising."
    "Tigerstar," I hissed. "How's your nephew, Tigerheart? I heard he was having regrets."
    "Naw," Bugstar cut in. "Ole Tiger Jr. is just spreading rumors about himself. Again. You know he's still bitter about losing his girl, Dovewing."
    I snorted. "That's ancient history."
    His eyes gleamed. "Not to him. He lost her from his own stupidity, and Tigerheart knows it. She made a mistake and he seconded it. She told him a Clan secret and he told his Clan, which led to Dove's sister being kidnapped by ShadowClan. Dovewing WAS just an apprentice when she started meeting him, but still...... Tigerheart has never forgiven himself for losing her to goody-goody Bumblestripe."
    "Shut up, Bug." A new voice joined in. Another cat stepped into the light, looking identical to his uncle. Tigerheart.
    "You know that was many many many seasons ago," Tigerheart continued. "And Dovewing and I were both so young...." He gazed off into space, and was shaken into focus by Tigerstar.
    "Do you want to tell her or should I?" Tigerstar asked him harshly.
    "I will," Bugstar hissed. "The whole point of this conversation before we went COMPLETELY off topic is that we are taking over the Clans again."
    "You failed miserably last time," I protested fiercely.
    "But this time we won't," he growled. "Because we won't make the same mistakes we did before. Recruiting Clan cats; shrug. Recruiting leader; yay! If the leader joins, we get the whole Clan. You know ShadeClan has already joined. Soon will be StreamClan. Then LightningClan. And if you do not join, you and all of BreezeClan shall be destroyed."

  13. Chapter 5
    Spottedstar thought for a moment.
    "I wont join." She meowed.
    Bugstar stared her hard in the face. "We have someone you want."
    "Who? Badgerstripe?" Spottedstar asked.
    "Not that old fuddy duddy. We have the new, hot thing to you." Bugstar lauhed evily.
    Spottedstar almost hurled when he said hot. "Who?"
    "Ashstripes." Tigerheart growled.
    Spottedstar gasped as Ashstripes padded to his side.
    "Spottedstar dont! They tricked me! Dont let them have you too!" Ashstripes hissed.
    "Silence!" Tigerstar snarled and scratched Ash's face, leaving a thin scar on his eyelid.
    "Dont do it Spotsy." Ashstripes mouthed.
    Spottedstar looked sadly at her mate.
    "I wont join you." Spottedstar finished running back to camp.
    She had to find Ashstripes. Where was he?
    "Moonfoot! Where is Ashstripes?" Spottedstar asked.
    "Sleeping in your den. He said he would never sleep again. Weird right?" Moonfoot laughed.
    Spottedstar knew exactly why. She raced away without saying goodbye to Moonfoot and crashed into her den to see everything torn to bits and Ashstripes tearing at the stone.
    "Ash!" She gasped.
    Ashstripes' head turned to show glowing green eyes. "Join.... Us.... Join..." He fell to the ground and coughed. His eyes turned back to their regular Tiffany Box blue and hs breathing quickened.
    "Spotsy... You didn't join right? Tell me you didn't." Ashstripes demanded leaping to his paws.
    "Ofcourse I didnt. Why would you wonder?" Spottedstar questioned.
    Ashstripes hesitated. "They have me, Purewhisker, Eaglestrike, Thunderstrike, and Rainwater. Dont let them have you. It could shape the destiny of BreezeClan." The whole time he spoke, his eyes were on the ground.
    "Then why on Earth would you join?!" Spottedstar hissed.
    "i dont want to talk about it." Ashstripes whispered.
    "There's always a reason, Ash!" Spottedstar growled.
    "I SAID I DONT WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!" Ashstripes tore out of the den.
    Spottedstar raced after him. "Ashstripes! Please wait!" She thought he would stop but he kept running until he climbed an oak tree. His oak. He was only up there when he was troubled.
    "Ashstripes.. Please tell me." Spottedstar said gently.
    "They told me you would die if I didnt." Ashstripes mewed.
    "That's sweet of you." Spottedstar purred.
    "No. It shows weakness. They know I care for you more then myself. They can hurt me now." Ashstripes mewed.
    "What are you saying?" Spottedstar asked.
    "I'm saying they used you to get to me to get to you." Ashstripes said unclearly.
    "Huh?" Spottedstar huffed.
    "Think for a minute. I'm going back to camp." Ashstripes meowed as he sank his claws into the bark and slid down the tree.
    Spottedstar walked with him back to camp.


  14. "Ash....." I murmured as I walked behind him. "Are you sure your okay? I.... I know you...." I broke off.
    "The Dark Forest will come for you." I stiffened as a voice sounded in my ear.
    "They have you mate," it continued. "They have your fellow leader. They have your Clanmate. Icestar may join soon, with Dovestar following. Restrain..... Restrain..... Only you..... Alone, fighting for all you hold dear...... Alone. Alone........ All you do shall be alone. Trust no cat. Be wary even with your ancesetors. Alone..... Alone....."
    "No!" I yelled. "I will not join them! I am not alone!"
    "Yessss you are...." the voice hissed in my ear. "You are utterly alone. You will stand alone in your darkest hour. All you do from now on will be on your own. Be warned; the Dark Forest will go to any length to make you join. Stand strong and restrain."

  15. (THATS LIKE EXACTLY WHAT WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!!!! OMG! You got it spot on Spotsy!)


  16. Ashstripes felt his heart beat in his ears. Running through the forest wasn't his favorite thing in the world.
    He had to get away. He had betrayed his clan. He had told Bear more then he should have. It was the only way they would leave.
    Greypaw jumped in front of him. "WHERE ARE YOU GOING?!" He yowled.
    "Oh it's only you." Ashstripes panted.
    "Why were you out here?" Greypaw asked.
    Ashstripes shrugged. "A cat's gotta stay in shape right?"
    Greypaw laughed. "Wanna continue with a little bit of patroling?"
    Ashstripes nodded.
    "Can you answer one thing for me?" Greypaw asked.
    "Sure." Ashstripes mewed.
    "Is the clan angry with me? I mean, Riverpaw having Brookkit is obviously partly my fault." Greypaw said.
    Ashstripes walked his paws as they walked. "You never know Greypaw. It's sometimes confusing. But, you did give the clan a gift with Brookkit. There is something to be said about clan population." Ashstripes replied.
    They came to an abrupt stop.
    "I'm going to make dirt really quickly." Greypaw said sheepishly as he ran alittle farther away.
    Ashstripes let out a chuckle and stretched. Then he felt... different. Like something was inside him. He knew he was doing something, but he couldn't control it. His body, whoever was inhabiting it, raced to camp.
    "WHAT'S WRONG WITH HIM?!" Eaglestrike cried.
    "HIS EYES ARE GREEN!" Ravenpelt wailed.
    Whatever was inside of Ashstripes lunged for the nursery. Purewhisked stood in its doorway.
    "I wont let you harm them!" She cried.
    The inhabitant of Ashstripes' body pinned her down and bit and scratched her.
    "HELP!" Purewhisker howled.
    Rainwater pulled Ashstripes' body off of Purewhisker. She then jumped on top of him. With one motion, he flicked her off and she slammed into the Medicine Den.
    All of a sudden, Ashstripes was back to normal.
    He scanned the camp. Purewhisker was bleeding out of her throat and her leg looked injured. The kits looked extremely frightened. Rainwater stood up dizzily and shook her pelt.
    "What happened?!" Ashstripes asked panicked.
    Thunderstrike angrily stomped up to his brother.
    "You ransacked the camp! You looked demented!" Thunderstrike growled.
    "I did this?" Ashstripes whimpered.
    THunderstrike nodded. "Wait till Spottedstar finds out." He hissed.


  17. (Dude, I'm so brilliant!! Well, not really, but ANYWAY, I had this awesome beyond awesome dream last night. And in my dream, Ash and Spotted had to have a fight in the Dark Forest!!! And then Ash had Spotsy pinned down, his claws to her throat, the warriors of the DF egging him on and.....

    Then I woke up. That part sucked, but we can spin that into something awesome (that I can't do cuz I'm a pathetic loser). So, Ash, help me out with that. If you dont like this, which I doubt, then just say so. If you do, put it in your next story post. So, thanks for listening, word. I love you, mom and dad. I hate you, Hanna Browne, and I don't care if the world knows it.)

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  19. Chapter 6

    (That part with them turned against one another with the DarkForest in control of Ashstripes he almost kills Spottedstar. That was like my awesome ending i was planning on! Way to crack my code =D)
    Spottedstar gasped as she entered her destroyed camp.
    "Ravenpelt! What happened?!" She cried.
    Ravenpelt snarled as she walked past Ashstripes.
    "Why not ask your little boy toy?" She suggested.
    Spottedstar shrugged and walked up to Ashstripes and Thunderstrike.
    "What happened? I bet you helped alot." Spottedstar said.
    Ashstripes stared at his paws.
    "Go on and tell her Mr. Hero." Thunderstrike hissed.
    Ashstripes shook his head. "I......"
    Spottedstar leaned forward. "Well??"
    Ashstripes didnt look her in the eyes.
    "HE ransacked the camp! My stupid dog of a brother!" Thunderstrike growled.
    Spottedstar gasped. "Tell me it isn't true!"
    "That would be lying." Rainwater croaked as she walked up to her leader.
    "Why would you do this?! Do you not love BreezeClan?! Is this to punish me?!" Spottedstar questioned in a panic.
    "It's not like that!" Ashstripes cried shoving past everyone and into the forest.
    He raced to a secret den he had found (yes, the same one as Riverpaw) and hid.
    "Where is he." Eaglestrike hissed from outside the den.
    "I can't have a killer running around in our camp." Lunarshade snarled.
    Ashstripes ears fell. He wasn't a killer. He was only.... him. Maybe that's who he was...
    'No. You aren't the same cat you were in Twolegplace. You have.. or used to have at least, a mate. You still love her. You would die for her.' Ashstripes thought. 'And that's why you can't go back. You will kill her. It may be an accident, but you wouldn't forgive yourself.'
    Spottedstar watched the flower Ashstripes had given her two moons earlier. It was wilted and brown. Kind of like her last memory of him. He had been gone for two days.
    "Spottedstar?" Moonfoot asked.
    "Yes?" Spottedstar mumbled.
    "You can't sit here for one more minute. Ashstripes is still out there." Moonfoot meowed.
    "I can do whatever I want." Spottedstar hissed.
    "No. I won't let you." Moonfoot snarled.
    Spottedstar was surprised at the Medicine Cat's furious mood.
    "I smelled his scent and saw his tracks leading from the oak above the skylight over your den. He misses you." Moonfoot mewed as the two got going on their hunt.

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  22. Chapter 7

    I watched Spottedstar and Moonfoot searched through the territory looking for me.
    "ASH!!!" Spottedstar called.
    I hid in my little den just watching.
    "He's here. Tell him what you are thinking." Moonfoot instructed.
    Spottedstar sighed. "Ash.... I love you so much. I dont care that you almost killed the camp because I need you. I miss you and you have only been gone for two days. I dont care if you dont love me. I want you back with me. PLEASE come home. I dont care if you dont want to be mates anymore I just want you to be here with me again. You can even sleep in the warriors den. Just PLEASE come home."
    I couldn't listen anymore. I slunk out of the shadows and showed myself the first time in two days.
    "Ashstripes!" Spottedstar rushed toward me and embraced me. I could help but wrap my tail around her.
    "I missed you." She meowed.
    "I cant go back." I murmured.
    "YES YOU CAN! They will listen to me!" Spottedstar insisted.

    1. that post was made by me, Ashstripes

  23. Ashstripes shook his head. "I'm not gone for me. I'm gone for you."
    "That doesn't make any sense!" Spottedstar protested.
    "Yes it does. Listen to me Spotsy. If you know what's good for you, you will leave me. You will go back to BreezeClan and lead. You will watch over our kits and tell them nothing about me because all I am is a killer." Ashstripes turned away from her. "This way, I can't hurt you."


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