So, the four different Clans are LightningClan (like ThunderClan), StreamClan (like RiverClan), ShadeClan (like ShadowClan), and BreezeClan (like WindClan.) All these Clans are the desendants of the original Warrior Clans. The territories are a lot like the ones in series, three, four, and half of two. The territories are different from average shifts of time and enrosion and things like that. This page is just for Qs and As and little things like that. This is not a role play page, and all stories will be deleted. So save yourself time and just ask questions.


  1. Oh yeah, the Moonpool moved closer to the lake and WindClan/BreezeClan's territory is smaller due to an expansion to the HorsePlace.

  2. And the current leaders are:

    ShadeClan- Darkstar/Darkstorm (A pitch-black tomcat with amber eyes, a cold heart, and an everlasting thirst for war and battle.)
    StreamClan- Icestar/Iceclaw (A pure white she-cat with icy blue eyes and a love of peace.)
    LightningClan- Dovestar/Doveflight (A pretty gray she-cat with golden eyes. She is loyal and brave, but her downfall is under confidence.)
    BreezeClan- Spottedstar/Spottedfire (Do I really have to post a description?)

  3. What are the websites for all the other clans? i'm planning on having a cat in each clan :)

  4. There aren't any sites for the other Clans; they're only there for effect on the stories about Clan rivalries, so all in all, you can only join BreezeClan. But we'll be happy to see new cats joining! Just post the description of your cat and the URL to the photo that matches that cat on the 'Members Of BreezeClan' page.
    And if you don't know how to do that, this is what it might look like...

    Shimmerpool (example name) is a pale gray she-cat with darker flecks and bright blue eyes. She is hoping to become a mentor and wants a mate and kits.

    So...yep. Bye...