Sunday, January 15, 2012

Clan Update

Firemoon has joined. Welcome Firemoon!
"Firemoon! Firemoon!"
In the pages. . . .
Medicine Den: No one has posted yet. Please start a story.
Warriors' Den: ShadeClan has just attacked BreezeClan's camp! This offense must be met with another swift attack. Spottedstar had some wise words for Darkstar, ShadeClan's leader.
Apprentices' Den: Only one story comment has been posted here, and that's just the apprentices talking. Please post a story here!
Nursery: Ravenpelt and Thunderstrike are crushing. Could some young love be developing?
Random Chat: This really isn't a story page. People just post random little jokes and puns. They also have mental breakdowns, but only Thunderstrike has had one.
And that's about it. Thanks for your time!

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